Meredith College Freshman Fire and Water Dinner.  I am on the back row, far left.  (April/May 1999)

Spring Break Mission Trip in Louisville, Kentucky.  I am second from
 the left in the pink t-shirt. (March 2000)

My MC gals and me at a bridal shower.  I am on the back right in the sleeveless dress.  (August 2002)

My best friend and me at her home in Orlando.  Don't ya just love the
 "spare tire" around my waist?  (May 2005)
This picture totally explains why I CrossFit ;-) This girl loves her wine

Coming up on the finish of my first ever 5K
(Women's Distance Festival; September 25, 2010)

(L) With my awesome running buddies after my 1st half; (R) With my awesome hubs! (May 14, 2011)

Happy! Finished the Disney Princess Half Marathon! (February 2012)

Photos with Laura Case after surgery to remove excess skin (April 2013)

Another happy day in my life - Margaret's wedding! (April 2014)