Sunday, March 4, 2012

Voices in the head

Since we got back from the Disney Princess Half on Tuesday, I have had a nagging little voice in my head bothering me.  I have been putting a happy face on and being a little less than genuine so that everyone around me thought life was perfect....

Sometimes my feelings of self-doubt come roaring around my mind and I feel like I have no control over them.  Here's some of the crazy crap that has gone through my head just in the two days of the weekend:

  • Why aren't you losing weight?  You are going to be right back at 340 pounds before you know it you lazy sloth.
  • Why do you even go to hot yoga?  You look like an idiot.  You can't do half the poses correctly.
  • Why did you decide to dress as Belle for the half marathon?  You weren't nearly as cute as some of the other girls.
  • Are you really considering signing up for another half this spring and 2 in the fall?  Are you trying to set yourself up for disappointment?
  • If you say you love to run so much, why didn't you get your behind out of bed this morning to run with your friends?
Sometimes this just happens...  I usually end up in a funk for the day, but eventually I am able to tell that voice to shut the heck up.  

I guess life can't always be puppies and rainbows, but sometimes you just gotta think puppies and rainbows or you will be miserable.  I guess this is just part day-to-day life...  It is just annoying when it happens.  

Here's to thinking puppies and rainbows.


  1. Nothing better than puppies and rainbows, love...we all have these moments...xoxo

  2. Girl I have those same moments more frequently than not. I too look like an ass in yoga (you should see me when you're not there haha) and I love to run too, but sometimes, I just want to get the hell back in bed and stay there!!

    I'm glad you're doing all these races with me this spring / hopefully the fall. I think it will keep your mojo intact, and of course, you'll get by with a little help from your friends <3