Friday, March 2, 2012

Grateful for opportunities

The past week or so, I have been thinking a lot about the many opportunities that have come my way because of running.  Thinking about these things actually makes me kinda emotional because I can't imagine my life without them:

  • NCRC Women's Beginner Running Group:  I joined the NCRC Women's Beginner Running Group in July 2010 after a friend convinced me I could do it.  I will be forever indebted to Alison for this push.  I have gained so much through this program with the "least" of it being a love of running.  I have met so many wonderful people (Hi Sarah! Brandy! Debbie! Mary! Suzanne!  and everyone else that I won't name off.  Seriously - you don't want me to...that would be like a bazillion hundred awesome women!) through this program.  These women have been supporters and are now life-long friends.  It is through the support of this program that I have been able to complete three half marathons since May 2011.  This program has done nothing short of help me do a 180 and get my ass off my shoulders rear in gear.  This summer, I will be coordinating this program.  I am working on the training calendar, lining up speakers, and trying to drum up "swag" from running companies.  While I am excited about this opportunity, I do have a little small fear that I won't be as good as the previous coordinators.  However, I know that with all my NCRC WBRG buddies, I will be fine!   
  • Girls on the Run:  The easiest way to say this is to say that this spunky group of 15 makes every day better.  While I only see the girls on Tuesday and Thursday, just thinking about seeing them for the next session makes me smile.  I first learned about GOTR when I participated in a Reindeer Romp in December 2010.  As I said before, I kept debating volunteering because I didn't think I fit the image of GOTR.  Well, I am so glad that the opportunity came along because I can't imagine my week without the girls.  They are wild, crazy, sweet, sassy, opinionated, and everything you want a confident 8 to 12 year old girl to be.  I have said it before, and I will say it again - I wish this program was around when I was their age!

I am so very grateful for these opportunities.  Never in a million years would I have thought that I would start running...and actually enjoy it.  Now, I can't imaging my life without running, the friendships it has provided, and the "new" me.    

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