Tuesday, January 24, 2012

So ecstatic - Girls on the Run!

Please allow me to apologize now... This post will be all over the place I am sure, but it is simply because I am so very excited!

Let's start with the back story...  Most of y'all know that I started running in 2010.  This started with the dream of running a Disney race, specifically the Disney Princess Half Marathon, as part of an overall transformation of myself.  As I look back on my goal to transform myself, I have continued to look for opportunities to build up myself while also building up others.  I think that I have finally found the ticket!  Girls on the Run!

I first heard about Girls on the Run in December 2010.  Sarah and I participated in the Reindeer Romp in Cary.  Little did we know, but this was the season culmination race for the fall GOTR program.  During the 5K, it was so awesome to see these young girls running with their buddies.  There had to be thousands of young girls out there...  Well, maybe not thousands, but there were several hundred.  They were all so excited.  They were happy and smiling.  Some didn't have fun the entire run, but they all worked to encourage one another.  So awesome!  After the Reindeer Romp, I hemmed and hawed about whether or not I wanted to volunteer.  I kept thinking that I wasn't the right volunteer - not healthy enough, not "cool enough", not a good enough runner, enough of this, enough of that...  Needless to say, I let my feelings of self-doubt keep me from volunteering.

This summer I volunteered for the NCRC Beginner Women's Running Program.  This program was the program that got me started with running.  This program is where I met so many awesome friends.  I knew that I wanted to give back to the group.  As we began our runs, I settled in on my role as an encourager.  I am not into being a front of the pack pacer/leader.  I wanted to be able to be there for someone that needed the little extra push.  That's just what I did.  Every run usually ended with me telling some of the ladies "...Just a little further...Push on through...  Y'all are so awesome...  Think about how far you have come..."  It was such a wonderful feeling to pass along the same encouraging messages that others have provided to me.  Through this, I realized that I wanted to do more...

So, yet again, I let my feelings of not being good enough, etc. keep me from volunteering for the fall season.  I continued to hem and haw until yesterday.  Jenelle posted a message on Facebook about there being a big need for volunteers at one of the sites for the spring season.  When I read her message, I realized that it was time for me to sh*t or get of the pot.  Period.  There was no better time than the present.  GOTR had a need, I had a desire to help.  What else could you ask for?  

The past 36 hours have been a GOTR whirlwind...  I have applied to be a volunteer, talked to the Program Manager, attended orientation and picked up my program manual, and started prepping for next Tuesday's first session (eek!!).  I realized even more during the orientation meeting that this is where I need to be right now.  It is the right time and the right thing for me - and I hope it will be the same for these girls.  

So, this post is getting long.... I am going to write about my thoughts on Molly Barker's GOTR "herstory" tomorrow...

(Video about GOTR Triangle)

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  1. That is so exciting! I love how you are so passionate about giving back! ::hugs::