Wednesday, January 23, 2013

{Restaurant Review - Bad Daddy's Burger Bar at Seaboard Station}

It's no secret that the hubs and I like to eat out. We just can't help ourselves. While we love to eat at our "regular" places, sometimes we just want something different. This past Friday, we were both feeling the need for burgers...  A new burger joint opened up in Seaboard Station a couple of weeks ago and it was on our list.
We tried to go to Bad Daddy's just before New Year's, but they were closed for a "private party"/soft opening. This past Friday, we arrived around 7:30 or so and there was a short wait. We considered getting a drink, but decided we'd just wait until we were seated or dinner.

While we were waiting to be seated, I took time to really look around and get the "vibe". The decor is kinda industrial, but not sparse and completely full of metal. There are wood tables/booths, interesting pictures on the walls, and a few TVs. Thankfully, there aren't TVs on every single wall - just enough to keep the kids (or the husband) occupied while everyone else finishes their meal. Also, the restaurant is a little loud, but not so loud that you can't hear those at your table.

Fried pickles!
About 15 minutes after arriving, the hostess showed us to our seats.  We were seated at a 4-top in the bar area. Not long thereafter, we were greeted by a staff person that I assume was a manager. He asked if we had visited the restaurant before and we explained that we had tried to visit previously, but they were closed. He apologized for our not being invited in for their soft opening and said that he would put in an order of fried pickles (his treat!) for us. He also took our drink order while at the table.

This is J's face when he saw
he could have a burger on
Texas Toast.
Our server, Michael, came by with our drinks and took time to review the menu with the hubs. Since I would be ordering from the gluten free menu (thankfully they have one!), I knew that I wouldn't have too many questions. If I had to guess, I would say that Jason was a little bit overwhelmed by the menu. Who wouldn't  be? Ground beef, bison, beef & bacon, chicken, tuna - the possibilities of what could go between a bun seemed endless. Michael provided some recommendations, let us think about it, then came back a few minutes later to take our order. Jason ended up ordering "Nick's Patty Melt" on Texas Toast, instead of rye, with a side of fries. I built a salad with grilled chicken and miscellaneous toppings.

After a relatively short wait, our food arrived. While I can't really speak to how good J's burger was, I think he was pleased - it didn't  take him long to eat it and there was nothing left on the plate, always a good sign. J said that the fries were not that great. He's not one to order fries often because they aren't  and when he has them he wants them to be good without ketchup - these didn't hit that mark. My salad was really good too! My only recommendations on the salad would be - 1) Shred the cheese, the "chunks" don't allow cheese to be in a lot of bites 2) Chill the stainless steel bowls, it would be a nice touch.

In short, I would say that this will end up in our "regular" rotation. There are enough choices on the menu so that you don't always have to get an actual burger each time too. The service was great and we liked the vibe. Can't wait to go back soon!

Jason's Patty Melt
My salad - Love the stainless steel bowl

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