Friday, January 4, 2013

{Bedroom Redeaux - part 2}

Last Christmas, my mother-in-law gave us a project gift for Christmas - a new headboard and dresser for our room.  As I said in that post, our bedroom was based off the bedding in Jason's apartment that subsequently moved with him to the condo.  I loved it all, but it felt a little bachelor/manly to me...

Emily (my mother-in-law) has two decorator friends, Donald and William, that help her with decor in her home and also offer advice on our condo when we ask.  William had said several years ago that our bedroom needed "softening" so that it would look like a couple's bedroom versus a bachelor's bedroom.  Jason and I have been casually on the lookout for bedding, etc. but hadn't really done anything about it.

Well, Christmas morning arrived and my mother-in-law had several joint gifts for us.  While some may think that joint gifts aren't fun, Jason and I are quite the opposite.  When we get a couple/joint gift, it usually means a project and something that we wouldn't/couldn't really do for ourselves.

The first gift we were given was an awesome - a beautiful mirror to go above our dresser.  Donald found the mirror at Greenfront Interiors and he immediately told Emily that it would be the perfect addition to above our dresser.  The mirror wasn't the "matching" piece for our dresser, but I think it's way better than having a big rectangular mirror.

As we continued to open gifts, I was surprised yet again.  The next gift was a Pottery Barn quilt that I had just looked at a couple months ago.  I never mentioned it to the hubs because I was certain he would think it was too "girly".  Well, color me surprised - he loved it!

The day after Christmas, my in-laws came over and helped us get everything set up.  We were busy from about 10 a.m. until about 3 p.m.

  • Remove old drapes and hardware. Hang new hardware and linen sheers.
  • Hang mirror above dresser.
  • Move print that was above dresser to wall above television.
  • Move print from above television to dining area.
  • Remove old rug. (We may get a runner or something, but have decided against a full rug in the bedroom.)
  • Switch out lamps and a few other things around the room.
  • Put new bedding on bed!

We found the coordinating Euro pillows and throw pillow at Pottery
Barn that evening.  We thought they were the perfect finishing touch.

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