Monday, January 14, 2013

{Friend Makin' Monday - Interesting Things}

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Interesting Things
  1. What is the last movie you saw in a theater?  I went to see Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away with my Mom over Christmas.  
  2. How old were you when you had your first kiss? I was 15 years old. Late bloomer here, I tell ya!
  3. Share the coolest thing that you’ve done so far in 2013. Unfortunately, the first bit of 2013 hasn't been terribly exciting. Looking forward to lots of adventures as the year continues though!
  4. What kind of cell phone do you use? Do you love it? I have an iPhone 5. I fully admit it... I am an iWhore.
  5. How many times do you plan to workout this week? I have 4 CrossFit days and 3 runs on the schedule for this week.
  6. What is your favorite movie from the 80′s? Hmmm.... Interesting toss up here - ET or Anne of Green Gables
  7. If you could choose one character from a TV show or a movie to fall head over heels for you, who would it be? I have no clue...
  8. If you could eat one food everyday for the rest of your life without gaining any weight as a result, what would you choose? Fried shrimp! There's just something about some good 'ole fried shrimp 
  9. What is your favorite flower? Pink Gerbera daisies
  10. Did you watch the Golden Globes last night? Nope. The hubs was watching football part of the time. I was reading and looking for recipes for next week on the computer.
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  1. Stopping by from FMM :) I think 15 is the perfect age for first kiss, was the same for me. Happy Monday!

  2. I bet Cirque du Soleil was awesome! I'd love to see one live.

    Stopping in from FMM - hi!

  3. Stopping by from FMM!Sadly I am allergic to shellfish, wahhh bc fried shrimp sounds so good! ha

  4. Stopping by from FMM. Friend shrimp is a good one! I LOVE fried shrimp. and I totally forgot about Anne of Green Gables. I watched that a LOT as a kid.