Friday, January 13, 2012

New Recipe 5 - Spiced Shrimp Quinoa

The goal of having at least one new meal per week this year is working out well.  So far, we have had 5 new recipes in the first two weeks of the new year.  At first, I was concerned that this goal was a little too much, but I have been able to discover even more food blogs.  Blogs written by others on a journey to a healthier lifestyle make it a lot easier.  Of course, that isn't to say that toward the end of the year it won't get hard...But for now we are enjoying it!

Last night, we had Spiced Shrimp Quinoa from TheChicLife.  I love reading Diana's blog.  I am motivated by her recipes, fitness ideas, and her awesome sense of fashion.

Anyway, back to the recipe...  I was skimming Diana's blog one day and decided to look for something with quinoa.  She has a section marked for entrees with grains and this little beauty was there.  I read through the ingredients and was convinced it was on the menu when I saw shrimp and quinoa - two of my favorites!

The recipe is very simple and the "hardest" part is taking the 20 minutes or so to cook the quinoa before adding everything else.  I love to fix recipes that allow me to take care of other things around the house while one part is being cooked, etc.  Since I had just gotten home from work and a run, this was the perfect recipe for multi-tasking.  I put the quinoa on the stove and while it was cooking, I was able to shower, fold and put away a load of clothes, and prepare lunches for today.  Perfect in my mind...

As far as the flavors go, I messed up a little.  I didn't have an onion or turmeric as the recipe called for.  I also didn't have pine nuts.  The hubs doesn't love nuts or anything that resembles a nut, so I knew they wouldn't be needed in our version.  I am sure that the missing ingredients wouldn't have changed the flavor drastically, but I can't wait to make this again with all the pieces!

Try it!

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