Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Good question from Friend Makin' Monday

My cousin left a comment on my Friend Makin' Monday post from yesterday that I thought I would answer for every one's benefit, since she isn't the first person to ask...

How do you handle the mess of getting sweaty at work and getting back into your day? Since I eat lunch at my desk, I technically have an hour to kill, but am nervous to workout and go back to my desk a literal, hot mess. 

Well, there are a few different scenarios:

  • Scenario 1 = no meetings or after work activities to worry about:  On these types of days, I tend to go run around 11:45 a.m. with a coworker or by myself if she isn't able to go.  I tend to run longer/harder on these days because I am not really concerned about getting my "stank" on...When I get back to the office, I heat up my lunch and use the remainder of my lunch hour to cool off and eat.  After eating, I go to our bathroom and get put back together.  I generally just quickly dry off any sweat that may still be left, use some deodorant and some body spray of some form.  Sometimes, I just deal with being a little "icky" the rest of the day and stay in my running clothes.  Thank goodness my boss understands!
  • Scenario 2 = quick meeting or two with coworkers that know I workout often during lunch and/or obligations after work:  On these types of days, I tend to go a little easier on my run.  I don't go crazy and make myself work up a big 'ole sweat.  When I get back to the office, I fix lunch and cool off.  After eating, I go in our bathroom and (again) get myself put back together.  This involves going into the handicap stall and pretty much taking a whore bird bath (Thank my Granny B. for that term!).  I use a no rinse bathing wipe to get all the "ick" off.  After I feel clean enough to make it through the rest of the day, I get dressed, reapply some make-up, etc.    
  • Scenario 3 = meetings during the workday and/or obligations after work:  These days are not fun.  I generally just move my run to after work or switch the days of the week up.  I guess these would be the days where I feel like work gets in the way.
Do you work out in the middle of the work day?  How do you handle being a "hot mess"?


  1. Thanks for answering. :) Maybe I just need to get over my fear of sweating at my desk post-workout. :)

  2. My problem is my red face! You are awesome at working out during the work day! I need to be better about getting up and moving at work.