Monday, January 16, 2012

New Recipe 6 - Italian Pepper and Egg Sandwiches

Sunday mornings are usually reserved for long runs.  After I get back from my run and after the hubs is done working out, we take our time getting showered, etc. and tend to be fairly lazy for the remainder of the day.    

When planning our menu for the week, Sunday is a brunch day.  I love brunch - I love mimosas, waffles and syrup, eggs, and everything else that comes with brunch.  However, we try to keep our brunches as healthy as possible and save the indulgent brunches for a nice restaurant brunch.  (Oh, how I miss the Sunday brunch buffet and Bogart's!) 

Anyway, our brunch yesterday was a new recipe.  I found the recipe on Weight Watchers.  These Italian Pepper and Egg Sandwiches were the recipe of the day earlier this week.  When I saw them, I knew that the hubs would love them.  He is a sucker for anything with a sauteed onion or pepper! 

When I started prepping for brunch, I kept thinking "...What in the world makes these "Italian"?..."  I sliced my bell peppers and onions and still kept thinking the same thought over and over.  Well, to the right - you can see the picture from Weight Watchers.  You also can see that those little peppers on their sandwich are not bell peppers!  They are cubanelle peppers, also known as banana peppers...  So, after looking at their picture, I felt sure that our version was destined to be a flop.  

The sandwiches were very easy to prepare and brunch was on the table in no time, complete with hash browns!  As you can see, my sandwich didn't look nearly as pretty as the Weight Watchers version.  Despite my mess up with the peppers, I have to say that they were pretty dang delicious!  The combination of the egg, onion, and bell peppers was great - like a western omelet on bread.  The hubs seemed to enjoy his too.  I think they will be back in the rotation, but with banana peppers next time! 

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