Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Recipe 19 - Tortellini Primavera

A couple weeks ago, the hubs and I decided to re-institute "Meatless Mondays".  Last week we tried, but I decided to add chicken sausage to the dish at the last minute.  Tonight's dinner was totally meatless and totally delicious!  

Last week, I was scanning the vegetarian pasta recipes on EatingWell.com.  I came across a picture for a yummy looking pasta dish with veggies and tortellini.  At first, I didn't give it another thought because I haven't ever cooked tortellini.  Boy, am I glad that I decided to click on the picture!  I found this easy peasy recipe for Tortellini Primavera.  

The hubs and I both loved it from first bite.  I have never used tarragon before (that I can recall), but I think it gave the dish a nice "sweet" taste.  Maybe it wasn't sweet, but it was different than other herbs I have used in the past.

A few modifications:

  • Uses "fontiago" cheese - mix of fontina and asiago - instead of fontina.  Found it on sale at Harris Teeter
  • Would use more veggies or a different variety of veggies next time
  • Would use a pre-cooked tortellini, like Buitoni, as our frozen variety didn't all get cooked well

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