Thursday, April 28, 2011

10 miles - DONE!

Well, well, well....  Despite the little bit big bunch of nerves yesterday morning, we finished survived 10 miles yesterday.  What does 10 miles mean?  It means - double digits; 3.23 5Ks; 1.61 10Ks; and 3.1 miles from a half marathon.  This is that funny place where people that have run long distances definitely welcome you into the fold and say with the utmost encouragement "You've done 10, you can definitely do 13.1.  A half will be a breeze...."  I can't say I agree with the sentiment that "...A half will be a breeze...", but I am now confident that we can do it and we will do well. 

A few negative things about yesterday's run....  Sarah and I decided to run earlier in the day in hopes of beating some crap-tacular weather forecasted for the afternoon.  Since Sarah had a meeting early in the morning, we met at 10:30 a.m. to run.  I guess I didn't think about the hottest part of the day being between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. - yesterday was definitely one of those days.  We trudged on toward Shelley Lake despite the heat/humidity.  It was 80-something degrees and so humid that I actually thought for a moment that I could move to Minnesota in the winter and be happy (For anyone that knows me, you know this is crazy.... I hate cold weather, snow, and everything about winter.)  Poor Sarah and I were ultra-whiny and couldn't seem to find anything good to say about running.  Geez....

Due to the humidity, I found myself hoping begging for some rain around mile 6.  I didn't want to say anything aloud about wishing for rain, because I just wasn't sure Sarah would agree.  Finally, just before mile 7, I did it - I said aloud "I just wish it would rain for a minute or two...."  Guess what??!!??  Not one minute later, it started to sprinkle, then it started to pour.  We had a good rain for about 3 minutes and it was absolute heavenly bliss.  Those three minutes helped me survive the last three miles - I wasn't so sure I was going to make it before that.

The half is only 17 days away.  If we can do a training run in yesterday's conditions with just the two of us, I think we'll be fine for the half - earlier in the day, hopefully less humid, and with our two other running buddies.  YAY!


  1. Woohoo! Double digits! Go girl! Glad you had the rain to cool you off towards the end! Great job! :0)

  2. You go, girl! Double digits! ::high fives::