Sunday, July 21, 2013

{Catching up...}

I've been terrible about blogging the last couple of months. Honestly, I've been distracted by things going on around me. It's affected my attitude, my working out, and everything around me. So, now that things have calmed down a bit and I feel like I'm heading in the right direction again, I'm back to blogging. :-)

Here's a sampling of pictures of what's happened since mid-April:

My cousin, Ryan (center), graduated from Carolina in May. While at Carolina, he studied Music, Voice Performance - with a concentration in Opera. This picture was the evening of his senior recital in Hill Hall.

While I am concerned about what he's actually going to do to make money with his degree, it seems like he has a solid plan. He's moving to New York in August and will be taking private voice lessons with a professor from Julliard before applying to graduate school. Hopefully, big things from this kid!

  I got new shoes! OMG they are bright!

I joined the Raleigh Galloway running program in May. I've been running intervals/Galloway-method since I started running in 2010. I decided to join the bigger group (even though I swore I never would) because I couldn't get back into the running habit after my surgery. I'll tell ya...There's nothing like having a program of 500+ people and a pace group of 30-50 people to hold you accountable for your long run.

Suzanne, one of my running buddies, joined with me. We've signed up for the Richmond Half, but are seriously considering the full (OMG - did I say full marathon!?!?) We'll decide after our 18-miler on August 31 on whether to change races!

We went "home" Memorial Day weekend to visit family. A part of every visit home is to see my Granny. God knows I love this woman with every fiber of my being. She's been a constant source of joy in my life. She is always a voice of reason and consoling words when I need them. Love her!

Girls Night Out! Love spending time with these ladies! On this particular evening, we went to Chubby's, then to Orange Leaf for frozen yogurt and girl talk. Love them!

Jason's birthday was June 13. We originally had plans to go to Boone/Blowing Rock with the in-laws, but due to accessibility issues it didn't work out. So, we took his birthday off and headed to Wilmington for the day. We started our day with an early lunch at Sweet & Savory. After lunch, we headed over to Wrightsville Beach. We walked down to Robert's Grocery for snacks, then spent the remainder of the afternoon sitting at the Johnnie Mercer pier. Bliss.

The Board of Directors of my organization had their June meeting at the Executive Mansion. Hardest part of this day - My boss (Executive Director) announced to the Board his intention to retire on January 31, 2014. It's been a wild month with this announcement, but I am finally able to say that I am ready for the new adventure that could come from the change...

Jason started training at Raleigh CrossFit! I've been trying to get him to go since I joined last year, but he wouldn't go. I mentioned it again after the Carolina Clash event and he agreed! I think it's safe to say that he's hooked!

That's just a sampling of what's been going on... It's been a busy couple of months, but I think things are starting to level out... YAY! Back at it!

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