Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Jason and I haven't had professional pictures done since our wedding day, just over 7 years ago. The pictures we've had taken of us since then are few and far between, and usually are selfies.

Last spring, we had made arrangements to have pictures taken, based on a recommendation from a friend. About 2 weeks before the appointment, the photographer and I were emailing back and forth about locations, etc. In that email, she finally confided in me that they were nervous about whether they'd be able to get good pictures of Jason (he's got a startle reflex that doesn't love camera flashes), etc. So, that revelation scrapped pictures...

Jason and I talked a little more about it and decided to postpone pictures until after my surgery. We thought it would be nice to celebrate the "new me" and celebrate us. I've been following Laura Case on Twitter for a while. She's friend with several people I knew. At some point in the fall, I finally asked if she'd be willing to take pictures for us.

Three weeks ago, Jason and I met up with Laura at Sears Farm Park in Cary. We met around 6 p.m. because Laura thought the lighting would be best at that time. Usually, J is a little hard to photograph. I think Laura knew that she just had to keep interacting with him and keep him on his toes!

Laura said they were going to be fabulous before we left that evening... Boy was she right, look at these!

Laura mentioned this one in her comment, so I had to add it.
He does do this a lot! That boy!
Laura also took some pictures of us by ourselves. I love these! Look at my cute husband!

Had to have a hat on for one!

It might sound a little silly, but I really think that Laura caught the "new me" perfectly. I think she actually got genuine smiles out of me.

Thank you Laura! 


  1. SO AWESOME to meet you guys. I left that night with a smile on my face and in my heart. It was an honor to capture your relationship.

    My personal favorite candid is the one where Jason is pointing at you and laughing. I imagine that happens a lot!

  2. gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you look gorgeous!!

    & I love the ones she got of J. You got yourself a fine man, my friend. & I mean FIIIIIIINE.