Saturday, May 4, 2013

{What a month!}

Oh my! My blog has been totally neglected for the last month. Rest assured that even though our life has been pretty hellacious, we've done our best to maintain some semblance of normalcy. This is what has been going on...

April 15 - Twice yearly HVAC system service

April 16 - I had the Essure permanent birth control implanted. (More on that later, hopefully)

April 17 - AC stopped working. Noticed (at 9 p.m.) that the secondary drain pan was full of water. (At least the sensor stopped it from overflowing and causing damage.)

April 18 - I had a work conference at UNC-Chapel Hill that I was helping "sponsor"/run. Due to the AC, I had to miss the afternoon sessions.

Newcomb & Company checked the AC in the afternoon. The repairs to the AC were going to be significant because of the parts involved. Jason and I decided it was best to replace the system vs. band-aiding a 15-year-old system. This was the beginning of ~18 days without AC (Thankfully, the weather cooperated!)

April 19 - A staff member from Newcomb & Company comes to give us a quote on new AC. During his visit, he inspected our hot water heater (we have HydroHeat) and sees that it was improperly installed. We were informed was a carbon monoxide poisoning and combustion hazard! Eeek!

Drama for the remainder of the day, including but not limited to: City of Raleigh called to report improper installation; City of Raleigh called PSNC to turn off the gas to condo; Multiple phone conversations with neighbor serving on HOA about the safety of neighbors that had same guy install their hot water heater; Newcomb & Company installed new hot water heater (to replace relatively new hot water heater); City of Raleigh inspector visits condo; etc.

Was told that person that installed hot water heater was not a licensed plumber and did not have hot water heater inspected after installation. Began "campaign" to make sure all my neighbors were safe. Most of our neighbors are older and probably don't know how the water heater should be installed (I sure didn't!).

Week of April 22 - The week was full of multiple conversations with our HOA, State Board of Examiners of Plumbing, Heating, and Fire Sprinkler Contractors, etc. Spent many hours working on 48page document to submit to the State Board of Examiners regarding the gentleman that installed our initial hot water heater. On Thursday evening, I had a long conversation with an older neighbor that had the same person install her hot water heater. It broke my heart when she started crying because of how scared she was :-(

Week of April 29 - Neighbor that serves on HOA Board "took over" hot water heater issue for condo complex. He was able to get some of our money back from gentleman that installed hot water heater in 2010, so long as I promised to notify the State Board (guessing he thinks that if he compensates us he won't be in as much trouble).

On Thursday and Friday, the 2-day installation of the new HVAC happened. Habitat ReStore removed old hot water heater from our deck. My mother-in-law and father-in-law spent all day Thursday at condo and MIL scrubbed the entire deck for me. Hubs stayed home on Friday while AC was being installed. One advantage of 2 days at home - was able to get lots of home projects done (resealed J's roll-in shower; re-caulked shower; re-caulked kitchen sink; etc.)

So, the saga with the hot water heater will continue, but I am hoping it will be relatively painless. I am sure that I will have to be interviewed at some point by the State Board, but they should have plenty of helpful information from my 48page complaint.

Jason and I are really hoping that things are finally getting back to normal! April has been quite drama-filled and I would love a couple of drama free months.

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