Saturday, March 26, 2011

7 miles? Really?

We're still continuing on our half marathon training plan.  Today called for 7 miles.  When I woke up this morning, it was cold and my super-delicious dinner from TriBeCa Tavern was still weighing heavy on my stomach.  I wasn't in the mood.  I definitely benefited from having running buddies today - I probably would have skipped if I was running alone.  The run went very well.  Just after we reached the halfway point, I had a couple Cliff Shot Blocks.  They were a very helpful little pick-me-up.  I am still going to experiment a little with a few other things - maybe a Cliff bar, Fig Newtons, or maybe even something like Swedish Fish. 

This afternoon, the hubs and I just relaxed around the house until it was time to meet Margaret, Gavin, and her parents for an early dinner at Rudino's.  The last few times I have been there, I have ordered the Veggie Grinder.  It once again didn't disappoint.  We were there few several hours and it was great to just hang out and catch up.  Margaret and Gavin will be heading back to Florida tomorrow afternoon, but she'll be back in North Carolina in mid-April for a wedding.  YAY!

The weather is supposed to be crappy tomorrow.  I think I am going to get up early and go to the gym for a while.  When I get back, I am planning to just do some cooking and baking.  Of course, we all know that plans don't always work out - I'll probably end up reading, catching up on silly TV shows, and taking a nap.  Either way, it'll be a glorious Sunday. 

Next weekend is the Cooper River Bridge Run.  Sarah invited me to go several months ago and I have been super-excited ever since.  I don't really remember the last time I went to Charleston.  I am kinda intimidated about running over the bridge, but it will be a fun race.  After the race, we'll have time to explore the Charleston/Mount Pleasant area.  AWESOME girls' weekend!


  1. AWESOME! Sounds like you breezed through that 7 miles! You'll be hammering out 13.1 in no time! Great job ... keep it up!

  2. Great job on the 7 miles!! That's awesome you got through it in spite of "not feeling it" in the beginning.

  3. Nice run!! The Cooper River run looks like a blast. You are going to kill it!