Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thank God NCAA basketball is almost over

I went to my weekly Weight Watchers weigh-in yesterday.  I gained for the second week in a row - so annoyed.  I talked with the leader about what could possibly be causing the gain.  I haven't changed much about my eating - I rotate between about 3 or 4 breakfast items, 2 or 3 lunch items (or leftovers), and try to balance the day with a healthy, yummy dinner (sometimes including a new recipe or two).  I haven't anything about my workout schedules/activities, but some of the gain could be caused by building muscle.  I was still having difficulty reconciling the weight gain, so I thought some more...  and then I figured it out.... (or at least a contributing factor)

My new love is causing a kink in my life.  I have never really been one to love beer, at least until recently.  I would prefer a liquor drink or wine over beer most days. 

Well, that was until Sarah introduced me to Sweet Josie.  When Sweet Josie and I met, I truly believe it was love at first sip.  Each time we have been out to watch basketball and/or hang out with friends, I have had at least one beer (if not 3 or 4).  Beer just kinda goes along with hanging out in a favorite restaurant while spending three (plus) hours watching the games(s).  It is easy to Did I track the beer that I consumed?  That's a little hard to answer - yes and no.  I see there are certain times where I did track it and certain times I didn't.  There is no way to be realistic about my food choices and weight loss if I don't track each beer (approximately 7 points plus values per pint).

So what now?  I am not planning to give up my new love.  Sweet Josie and I will just have to have fewer dates and I need to plan better for those times. 



  1. Ha ... a beer drinkin', basketball watchin' chick! Your man's a lucky guy!

  2. Jim - I wouldn't say he is that lucky. I drink the beer so I can survive watching multiple ames in a row, while he yells at the TV ;-)

  3. When I did WW it was very easy and tempting to forget to track just one or two things a day, but they add up. Just keep up the good work - you are getting there. It takes time and your body is going through changes with the increased exercise - sometimes it just is slower to adjust.

  4. I have never heard of Swee Josie, I am not a beer person at all. Actually I do not drink anything, but I love to cook with wine. Good post and hang in there we all have bad weigh in's.