Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Vacation in pictures

I have been meaning to post about our vacation, but I was so darn excited about finishing my first half marathon that it was on the back burner. 

The hubs and I left North Carolina on Thursday, May 5th and headed to Florida for our vacation.  We were both a little concerned about being off work for 7 business days, but we were bound and determined to make the best of our 5th wedding anniversary trip!

We were on the Disney Dream from Thursday, May 5th through Sunday morning, May 8th.  After getting off the ship, we headed to the Polynesian Resort from Sunday through Thursday, May 12th.  It was 7 days of bliss...  The entire point of the vacation was to just relax - and that's just what we did.  We aren't very good about taking pictures, but here are a few that show the fun things we did...

Just before boarding the Disney Dream

Drinks in 687 before dinner at the Royal Table
on the first night

Jason spent most of the time at Castaway Cay napping

Our time on the Disney Dream was just that - a dream.  We had a little bit of a hiccup on Thursday night.  We were preparing to head to bed and Jason's wheelchair battery charger wouldn't work.  Of course, we both freaked out.  I mean, seriously, I checked it before I left North Carolina at 3:30 a.m. that same day and it worked.  I promptly took it down to Guest Services to see if they could help at all.  They offered to have one of the ship's electricians look at it the next day.  J and I fretted over the charger most of the day, but still managed to enjoy several hours lounging by the pool and going to see the movie Prom in the ship's movie theatre.  Around 5:15 p.m., we got a message that the charger was working!  YAY!  We promptly went to one of the bars and had a celebratory drink while his chair batteries charged.  This was definitely a moment where Disney went way above and beyond the call of duty!

At Epcot - the Flower and Garden Festival was going on

Before dinner at Narcoosee's

When we were at Walt Disney World, we spent one day at Epcot, 2 partial days at the Magic Kingdom, and one day at the resort.  On Wednesday, Margaret, Val, and Gavin came to our resort pool to hang out.  I have to say that when they come to hang out with us at the pool, it is always one of my favorite things.  I love being by the pool, having fruity-girly drinks (this time it was the Southern Sunrise), and catching up with my best friend. 

On Thursday afternoon, we headed back to North Carolina.  It was a great week of vacation - so good for the soul!

(We did the Disney PhotoPass so we would actually have some pictures together.  When I order the disk, we'll have a lot more pictures - especially pictures of us together!)


  1. I.
    How exciting!!! I saw the first picture and thought "Omg it's the DREAM!" lol Your trip sounds awesome and yay for Disney helping with the wheelchair battery! Loved this and can't wait to see more pictures! :0)

  2. I'm so glad you had such a good time! I'm a huge Disney fan myself so your pictures got me really excited!