Monday, September 12, 2011

Awesome memories

Sometimes you get to relive moments through such ordinary items.  The most recent memory was sparked several weeks ago in a dream about breakfast with my PawPaw Pilcher...

The dream went something like this:  PawPaw and I were sitting at the bar in my 
grandparents home at Oakwood Acres getting ready to have breakfast.  My PawPaw poured himself a bowl of cereal - small, brown "O" shapes - with milk.  He offered me some and I turned it down for grits and eggs.   My PawPaw kept telling me I should try it, that it was so yummy, etc. but I wouldn't.  I told him that it looked funny and I didn't like it, even though I had never tried it.  (This was the same scenario that played out hundreds of times in my childhood.) 

I don't really remember the rest of the dream, but I have been fixated on trying to figure out the name of the cereal for almost three weeks.  That cereal and those mornings at my grandparents are awesome memories that I want to be able to relive.  

On Friday evening, I was bound and determined to figure out the name of the cereal and get a box.  All I could remember was that the cereal was shaped like an "O" and was in a blue box. I swear that I spent 10 minutes on the cereal aisle Friday night, but I found it!  (By the way, did you realize there are like 300 different cereals on the cereal aisle??!!??)

I was so excited!  Even though it was $4.99 for the box, I had to have it.  I opened the box and the smell of the cereal was just as I remembered it - sweet and delicious, like oatmeal cookies.

Yesterday, when I was packing snacks and lunches for today, I wasn't sure what I was going to do with the cereal.  I don't usually eat cereal with milk - I usually eat it dry or in my yogurt.   I ended up measuring out a serving and ate it along with my yogurt this morning.  I have to say that my PawPaw would be proud!  

If you haven't tried it, you must!  

I also found an Ode to Cracklin' Oat Bran that I feel I must share:

When cookies for breakfast
seem like too much
and your diet requires
a fiberific punch
there is hope to be found
that is nothing short of grand:
a little blue box
of Cracklin' Oat Bran.

Now I know what you're saying
"That's for people who are old, 
with bowels that are flabby
and covered in mold!"
Well I say to you all:
"You best not be hatin'.
It might not look that great
But the proof's in the tastin'!"

It's like cookies in milk
but your colon takes a beating!
And if you're on a diet
it makes you feel like you're cheating!
The combo is perfect
for grandpa AND child!
So pour yourself a bowl
and drive your large intestine wild!

(Awesome ode Allison!  So true!!)

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