Monday, September 12, 2011

Friend Makin' Monday: All About Me

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FMM: All About Me
1. What are your talents? Hmmm...  Professional organizer/"logisticiser" (that's my hubs made up word for it)
2. What is your best habit?  I write a schedule to work out and I stick to it, come hell or high water.
3. If you had to be stuck with someone in an elevator for 8 hours, who would you want it to be?  Probably my best friend, Margaret.  She lives entirely too far away and we don't get to spend nearly enough time together.  Being stuck in an elevator would suck, but we would make it fun!!
4. Share one odd fact about you that we’d never know to ask.  I have no clue...  I love random pieces of information and enjoy sharing the tidbits?
5. What’s your latest project (work, home, whatever you care to share?)  I am up to my ears in projects at work that stress me out...  My latest project is trying to not keep the stress at work from affecting my workouts/running/eating.  So far, so good!
6. If you could change one thing about how you look, what would it be?  My yucky extra skin from losing weight.
7. What do you do in your spare time?  Read, bake, search blogs/Internet for new recipes, etc.
8. What is your biggest pet peeve?  People not listening (e.g., I am telling you a story and you act like you are listening, but after the conversation you look at me like "huh?")
9. Why do you blog?  I think blogging has helped me stay accountable.  Not only do I get to read about others going through the same thing, I learn so much!  It is great!
10. Are you tidy or messy?  Definitely tidy - everything has a place and everything in its place!
11. What’s the last song that played on your iPod? Hummingbird Heartbeat, Katy Perry
12. Do you cook?  If so, what’s for dinner tonight? I love to cook!  Tonight is Brown Rice and Black Bean Casserole.  Yummy!
13. Do you like sports?  If so, list your teams.  Not really...  I try to be a good wife and act like I am interested for the benefit of my hubs.
14. How often do you read and/or watch the news? Everyday
15. Did you stick to your new Year’s resolution this year?  If so, elaborate. I do not make new years resolutions.  I do set some "goals" each year and I think I am doing well with sticking to them.  Most of my goals are fitness, eating, and/or health related.
16. What are you looking forward to most in the remainder of 2011?  Taking another item or two off my fitness bucket list - OBX Half Marathon in November and hopefully another one 
17. Shoes, sunglasses or handbags?  Shoes!
18. How do you feel about sleeping on satin sheets?  I prefer regular old Egyptian cotton
19. Do you sing in the shower?  Yep!  I used to really belt it out when I had a shower radio, but it recently died 
20. Describe yourself in one word.  Determined!


  1. Stopping in from FMM! Your answer to #13 is VERY good! At least you try! I bet he appreciates that! :)

  2. It sounds like many agree on #6! I'm only halfway to my goal so far, but I do think it will affect me more in the next 100 pounds.

    Also, what time should I be over for dinner? Sounds delish! ;)