Wednesday, June 20, 2012

1st (official) Crossfit workout

I finished Foundations yesterday afternoon.  I survived the "orientation"-like sessions, but know that I still have a lot of work to do on getting the lifts right.  It'll come with time - that's what everyone keeps telling me.  I sure as hell hope so, or I am gonna continue to feel and look like an utter idiot.  

Today, I went for my first official Crossfit WOD.  I got there right at 11:30 a.m. and was the only person there.  Freaked me out a little bit, but then three others joined in on the fun.  I have to say, there was one girl there that was some kinda fierce lookin'.  When we were running outside, I think she probably had the car that said "I'd Rather be Doing Roller Derby".  Now that means, I must find out if she is a Carolina RollerGirl.  Seems like Crossfit would be the perfect activity for someone that beats the hell out of someone while skating.

The WOD looked like this: (my scaled WOD notes are in red)
Part 1:

  • 3 x 3 Power Cleans (70%, 80%, 90% 1 RM, rest 60 seconds between sets) - Since I am still trying to understand and get the technique correct, I did several sets with an empty bar.  Bobby suggested that I deconstruct it because proper form was most important.  Still a lot of practice needed!
  • 3 x 3 Heavy Clean Pulls (as heavy as possible for 3 reps, rest 60 seconds between sets) - I did one set with the bar, a set with 20#, then a set with 50#.  My sets were 5 each.
Part 2: (3 rounds)
  • 400 m run with bumper plate - For the 1st 400m, I ran at a slightly faster pace than I normally would on a "short run".  Before going out for round 2, I asked about carrying a 10# bumper plate for "shits and giggles".  It made the run a good amount more difficult, but I didn't walk!
  • 20 overhead lunges with bumper plate - Lots of work to do here!  I ended up using a pole to balance and did 20 lunges per leg on each round.  
As soon as we were done, I leisurely strolled back to work - complete with the reddest face I have never had!  Overall, I feel pretty dang good - extremely red face and all.  A few lessons learned - need more baby wipes to "bathe" after the workout, probably need some back-up make up at work, enjoy the mid-day workout -makes the afternoon go by faster!!

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