Monday, June 25, 2012

Crossfit - first injury

Been keeping up with going to CrossFit.  It might sound a little nuts, but I love going in the middle of the workday.  It's the perfect stress reliever - maybe it is all the nasty-ass sweat?

The WODs this weekend were pretty killer, in my opinion.  Since I am new to this whole thing, all the workouts are killer at this point.  Sucks, but so good at the time time.  I am such a contradiction!

Saturday's WOD - "Rowdy Round-Up"

  • 10 airsquats
  • 10 Kettlebell swings (18#)
  • Repeat for 10 rounds
  • Then run - CF to Glenwood and back, then to Jones and back to CF
My thoughts on the workout Saturday?  Air squats suck.  Air squats are the work of the devil.  Even though they sucked donkey butt, I did them.  I know that I need to work on my form - need to keep my back more straight!  

Sunday's WOD 

Part 1 - "The RunAround":  Partner up; While 1 partner runs 400m, the other partner does double-unders.  Switch, rinse and repeat for 5 rounds
  • 400m run
  • Double-unders or Singles on jump rope
Thank God for Shelley!  She partnered with me (again) for this workout.  I know that I definitely held her back, but I appreciate her sticking with me and being patient!  We finished this portion of the workout in 29:34 - last but we finished!

Part 2 - "Catch 22":

  • Facing each other, perform 22 hand-release push ups.  While one partner holds the "up" push-up position, the other performs the hand-release push up.  Repeat until you reach a total of 20 push-ups. 
This is definitely another place that needs a lot of work.  I am way weaker in my upper body as compared to my lower body!  Need more push-ups!

Also, on Sunday, I got my first CrossFit "injury". Isn't this pretty?

During the 2nd run of the RunAround, I tripped on a section of uneven sidewalk.  Thank goodness my Daddy taught me how to fall "correctly" - don't brace yourself, just cross your hands over your chest and fall.  Unfortunately, only one half of my body got that message and even that side screwed up.  Today, I have scraped/bruised palms, bruised knees, a scraped/bruised left elbow and hip, and a little pain in my chest.  

I ain't lettin' some little scrapes and bruises stop me.  Gettin' back to it today!

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  1. Wow, you go with the CrossFit!

    Sorry about the accident. Your poor hand.