Friday, June 29, 2012

When I do something...I do it right

On Sunday, I got my first CrossFit injury.  On Monday afternoon, still wasn't feeling all that wonderful and decided to get an appointment to see my chiropractor.  Since I couldn't get in until later in the day, I went to the lunch CrossFit session.  It wasn't terrible, but it definitely hurt quite a bit.

When I got to Dr. Molly's, I told her about what happened on Sunday, etc.  She quickly warned me that I would probably hurt the worst three days after the fall (Wednesday).  I smiled and told her that I was sure I would be fine.  She proceeded to do some ART therapy on my pecs and back.  After we were done, she sent me on my merry way with instructions to ice, ice baby.

Fast forward to Wednesday, while I was walking to CrossFit...  I realized that I couldn't get a good, deep breath without feeling like I was being stabbed.  I immediately called Dr. Molly's office and made an appointment for today (Friday).  Shari, her office assistant, told me to call Dr. Molly to make sure she didn't want me to go to a "regular" doctor, etc.

I proceeded to go through my CrossFit workout (complete with deadlifts, pull-ups, box dips, squats and double-unders).  I didn't do great, but I finished.  As soon as I got back to the office, Dr. Molly returned my call.  She reminded me of her "warning" on Monday.  Damn it, she was right!  Unfortunately, since the pain was from a pretty bad strain she told me there was nothing to really do but wait.  She encouraged me to keep my appointment for Friday and again - ice, ice, ice.

When I met with Dr. Molly this morning, I pointed to the exact spot where I felt like I was being stabbed.  She worked on the muscles around the spot for a few minutes.  The pain was so bad that I nearly jumped off the table!  I usually have a fairly decent grip on pain.  In fact, my tolerance is such that things are just annoying or beyond horrible (no real in between).  I can't tell you the last time I had any pain that I would consider horrible - until this week!

After she did what she could, we talked about my options to help relieve the pain.  While I hate taking medication of any form, I am taking some Ultracet in an effort to take the edge off.  I also ended up leaving her office with a TENS unit.  While it is a very strange sensation, it is actually helping relieve some of the pain.  

Other than that, I am off CrossFit for a few more days with instructions to wear the TENS unit as much as possible.  Here's to hoping that the 115 degree heat in central North Carolina and the little bit of electric current running through me doesn't cause a problem this weekend :-)   

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