Sunday, October 7, 2012

{Weekly Menu}

The weekend has been pretty dang good thus far.  On Friday, we spent the early part of the day moving Jason from one office on his floor to another.  The new office is going to be so nice for him - it has 2 windows!  I firmly believe that windows at work make a huge difference in how you feel while you are at work.  After moving his office, we grabbed a bite to eat at MoJoe's and headed to the Farmer's Market for our produce.

So, funny story... We got to the Farmer's Market and I was walking just a few steps in front of Jason.  Not long thereafter, I heard him yell "...What the f**k?!..."  I turned around and saw that the back tire had completely come off his wheelchair!  What the heck were we supposed to do??!!??  Luckily for us, a couple Good Samaritans walked by and offered help.  We got the tire back on and immediately went to the local wheelchair place to get it fixed.  They were just as perplexed as we were about what happened, but they were able to get the tire back on and us on our merry way.  What an adventure!

Our menu for this week looks like it is gonna shape up to be pretty yummy:
Saturday:  We had dinner at Mura with friends (post to come)
Sunday:  Paleo Pizza Soup from MyPaleoCrockPot (I am really hoping this turns out well.  I miss pizza so much!)
Monday:  Shepherd's Pie (I am kinda experimenting with this one, using a recipe from Elana's Pantry as my "inspiration".  I am going to top ours with sweet potatoes instead of cauliflower.)
Tuesday:  Big salads with sauteed shrimp (I coach Girls on the Run on Tuesday/Thursday evenings.  Our dinners our usually easy or leftovers on these evenings.)
Wednesday:  Butternut Squash Lasagna from Health-Bent (I am gonna add some additional veggies to this to give it more "umph".)
Thursday:  Leftover Shepherd's Pie

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