Monday, March 11, 2013

{CrossFit Open 13.1}

If you've ever been around someone that CrossFits, surely you have heard about the Games and/or the Open. Well, the Open is upon us. 

The 5 Open WODs determine if someone is able to go to Regionals, then on to the Games. Some people at my box are strong enough, mentally and physically, to get to the Regionals. I didn't sign up to participate in the Open, but I decided early on that I was going to do every WOD that I could.

Last Wednesday, 13.1 was announced. One of the athletes at Raleigh CrossFit commented on another's Facebook that the WOD seemed right up their alley. My comment wasn't nearly as encouraging - "Holy mother. Now I see why they make people sign up/pay before announcing..." So what did it look like?

Oh lookee there - snatches and burpees - lovely! Have you ever heard someone say they love burpees? If you answered yes, then that person was on drugs ;-)  

Just because I wasn't going to be submitting scores didn't mean I didn't want to do my best. I thought through my strategy for the WOD - quick on the burpees and do the best I could on the snatch. Thankfully, there was scaling on the snatches for those of us not going the open - 35#/45#/75#. 

As Chennelle reviewed the performance standards and gave us some encouragement, I got a terrible case of butterflies. Not sure where they came from but I knew I was gonna kick the WOD before it had an opportunity to knock me down.

I got through the first set part of burpees/snatches/burpees. Then I started on the set of 45# snatches, and I couldn't get the bar above my shoulders, no matter how much I propelled through my hips. I was on the verge of tears and quitting... I finally called out to Chennelle and said "I need help...I wanna do this, but I can't get the bar up..." She told me to just drop the weight and kick the WOD in high gear. So that's what I did. I finished the WOD with 165 reps.

I feel pretty dang proud of myself. I could have easily given in to my physical and mental limitations, but I didn't. I did the best I could do for this WOD and that's all that matters.

Bring on 13.2!

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