Friday, February 18, 2011

The Great Closet Clean-Out

For some reason, I got a bug up my butt yesterday to clean out my closet.  I have a ton of clothes.  Some of the clothes in my closets are much too large, several years old, or I simply don't like them.  It wasn't until I started this project that I realized the ungodly amount of clothing I really had! 

While I was at the gym, I thought about cleaning out my closet the entire time I was on the Arc trainer.  I strategized in my head and made my plan of attack.  Because of the size of our condo, I have 2 smaller closets in our guest bedroom/office.  For last night's project, this was extremely helpful.  I didn't have to spread clothes all over our bedroom - I just made several piles in the guest bathroom and got down to business with cleaning out.

The images below may scare some, viewer discretion is advised ;-)

The pictures above are of my "work" closet and "everything else" closet.  I work in an environment that tends to be more on the business side of business casual.  Most days, I wear a suit or a jacket with pants.  The other closet holds everything else, including blouses, t-shirts, cardigans, dresses, etc.  I usually have a few things hanging on the back of our bedroom closet door and my jeans, shorts, and workout clothes are in bins on a shelf in the master bedroom closet. 

I looked at, touched, and/or tried on every single piece of clothing in my closet.  It was neat to remember when I got the item, if I wore it for a certain event, etc., but the things I didn't think I would wear or were too big had to go! 

(Left:  Pile for Charity to look through; Right: One of the piles for Goodwill)

(Work closet)

(Everything else closet)

After dinner, I bagged up the clothes going to Goodwill and the clothes that I set aside for Charity to see if she wanted.  Then, the rest of the work...  I changed out all the hangers in both closets.  The "work" closets clothing is on white plastic hangers and the "everything else" closet clothing is on slim Huggable Hangers that I ordered a few years ago off HSN.  While changing out hangers, the clothes were ordered in a ROYGBIV type of order.  I think that hanging similar colors together helps me put outfits together quicker.  Plus, I am anal like that ;-)

So, in one night, I went through 2 closets, resulting in:
  • 2 bags for Charity to go through
  • 6 bags for Goodwill
  • 4 suits, 3 jackets, 4 pants, and 5 blouses for Dress for Success
I feel great about all the work I did.  As I said before, I didn't realize the ungodly amount of clothing that I had in my closets.  While I cleaned out a lot, I definitely am not suffering for options.  Looking forward to finishing the rest of my project this weekend!


  1. Well done! I loooove cleaning out my closet. I try to go through it twice a year to find donations. There's something really freeing about getting rid of the stuff that is too big, too ugly or too rarely used. ;)

  2. I'm pretty sure you took pictures of my closet. That's on my to do list for this weekend. Hopefully you have inspired me to actually check it off the list!