Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thank you - it is the small things

According to my handy-dandy half marathon training calendar, today is a crosstraining/2 mile run day.  When I was packing my things for work, I decided to pack workout clothes that would be appropriate for a run or just going to the gym.

Around 11:30 this morning, I started getting jumpy.  I needed to get out of the office, but I wasn't really in the mood to go to the gym.  I found a route that would take me toward Cameron Village and back (about 2.5 miles).  I donned my shorts, t-shirt, jacket and Kinvaras and headed out.  Several of my coworkers looked at me like I was crazy, but oh well.

The run started off great.  I didn't realize how hilly the neighborhoods around Cameron Village were though (have I ever mentioned how much I hate hills?).  I was able to stay on the street most of the run.  Thank goodness for that because the sidewalks are all rooty and broken in that area.

As I was returning, I passed Wiley Elementary School.  I thought the worst at first - I thought "...Those kids are gonna laugh at me... They probably walk faster than I run...."  Why did I care what a bunch of elementary school kids thought of me?  I have no clue.  But what happened next is even better....

I saw two girls, probably in third or fourth grade, as I approached the fence at the edge of the playground.  One of the girls was slightly chubby with long blonde hair; the other was tall, skinny as a rail and had a cute little brown bob.  (I don't know why those details were important, except that maybe it reminds me of Margaret and me when we were younger).  They were walking laps around the playground.  As I got closer, we began our little encounter:

Tall, skinny girl:  "...Aren't you cold?"  
Me: "No.  I am good.  I am almost done."
Chubby girl:  "How long have you been outside?  It's cold."
Tall, skinny girl:  "Yeah, I want to go in."
Me: "I have been out for about 20 minutes and I'll be done in about 10 minutes.  If y'all run your laps quick, I bet you can go back inside."  (Chubby girl and tall, skinny girl start running)
Me:  "Good job!  See!  You can do it!" as I pass the edge of the playground and they continue to run

So, to the two girls on the Wiley Elementary playground -- THANK YOU!  You will never know how much our little talk meant to me today.  Keep running girls - maybe I'll see you on a lunchtime run again soon!


  1. Very cool! :0) You were an inspiration! :0)

  2. Thats awesome. And I too wonder why care what little kids think of us.