Monday, July 25, 2011

Friend Makin' Monday - Defining Moments

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FMM: Defining Moments

Was there a defining moment in which you realized that you needed to lose weight?  If so, will you elaborate? (If you experienced this moment in some other area of your life, please feel free to share that too!)

I honestly can't say the exact day of the "defining moment".  I have worked on my weight and health in the past, but something was different in May 2010.  For some reason, that time it just clicked.  I made the decision to completely transform myself, both mentally and physically.  Why?
  • I was back over 200 pounds and carrying it on my 5'4" frame. 
  • I was getting close to turning 30 and I couldn't imagine continuing through life the way I had been.
  • I was just plain unhappy with something in my life.
I immediately found a gym where I was comfortable and began slowly introducing new activities.  The next month, I started working out with a trainer and did a 10-day organic transformation diet.  In July, I learned about the NCRC women's beginner running program and joined.  I started talking with a therapist on a regular basis.  I focused on me and the things that I could do to help ensure that I am here for a long time with my husband, family and friends. 

It has been an amazing year.  Onward and upward to even more success!


  1. Great small steps towards a big goal! I too found that a series of little steps added up to big changes, and so worth it in the end!

  2. I love this, I have to remember that each step will get me closer to my goal. Good for you. Stopping by from FMM

  3. Hiya, I'm stopping by from FMM. You are so right about having to focus on yourself! Best wishes on your continued successes!