Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thank you and an awesome story

First things first, thank you to everyone that commented on my last blog post - here, Facebook, via email, etc.  While it was a very hard post to write, I needed to get it out.  I feel much better now that I have some kind of "plan".  It also feels good to have spent the time evaluating how I got to the other night.  Anyway, #1 change - no more hating.  I am gonna do everything I can to say at least 3 positive things about myself every day.  So far so good!  

I am considering going back to therapy.  When I was seeing my therapist in late 2010/early 2011, she and I discussed my going to talk to someone that is more of a "nutrition" therapist.  I need to really gain tools that focus on changing my view of food and to trust my ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  I haven't made the commitment to attend therapy yet, but I am seriously considering it.  

I have been seeing a video on various blogs and Facebook the past few days.  Each time I watch it, I have the same feelings...  I smile for Arthur.  I cry for his struggle.  I laughed.  I feel joy for him.  It also makes me feel joy for myself.  While we all have different stories, each of those stories is important.  Each one of us that has taken the reins of our health has a story that can help someone else.  I hope that by watching this video, you will feel as inspired as I did!

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