Friday, July 13, 2012

NCRC Women's Beginner Running Program

The NCRC Women's Beginner Running Program will always hold a very special place in my heart.  I learned about the program in 2010 when Alison mentioned it.  She had participated in 2009 and enjoyed it.  When I set my goals to transform myself in 2010, this program was part of the goal-setting.  I was going to learn to run and I was going to conquer a half marathon.

What this program did for me in that first summer was nothing short of amazing.  I found a fitness activity that I actually enjoyed.  I learned to love the freedom of running, with or without others.  There is no way for me to describe the benefits this program offered me.  I am grateful for every one of the benefits.

The leader in 2010 was Debbie.  She was a recent beginner that took over coordination from one of the founders, Georgia.  Debbie coordinated the program for two summers.  After this past summer, Debbie realized that she needed to step back and the program needed a new coordinator.  Well, that's where I stepped in!  Thanks to lots of great information from Georgia and Debbie, the planning for the program has been fairly easy.  I am very excited about this opportunity and the women that will start next weekend!  

So, for a while, I'll be blogging in two places.  I am hoping that my blogging doesn't "suffer" but it'll be worth it to have the newest women runners well-informed on their blog.  



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