Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sometimes it just doesn't happen

And yesterday was one of those days.  I left work and went to the gym.  I met very quickly with my chiropractor to work on some IT band and lower back issues.  When we were done, I went upstairs to begin my workout for the evening.  I guarantee that I was on the elliptical less than 5 minutes.  I just wasn't feeling it.  I decided to try the stair mill; that didn't work either.  After trying to make myself do two different pieces of equipment and failing, I decided that it was OK to skip a day at the gym.  I usually work out five or six times a week (running - 3 days a week; cross training and weights - 2 or 3 times a week) and realized that missing one day wasn't going to kill me.

The more I thought about it on the way home, the more I realized that expecting that I will love working out every single time I go is unrealistic.  I have to tell myself that it is OK to have days when you don't want to workout, but don't let that become the norm.  Maybe I need to try some classes to add some spice to my gym days.

Do you force yourself to workout even when you aren't feeling it


  1. I definitely don't force myself. I run 4 days a week and that's it. Other days I may do hand weights while watching tv but nothing strenuous. I would get burnt out too easy if I ran or worked out all the time. Definitely if I'm not feeling it, I don't do anything! :0)

  2. I definitely have those days. Actually I had one of those days on Thursday. Some days you just have to get through it. It can't be good every day :s