Friday, August 19, 2011

The fall training plan

Well, I mentioned that I won't be traveling to Florida for the Women's Half Marathon, but I still want to do a fall half marathon.  I am hedging between two races - the Outer Banks Half Marathon and the City of Oaks Half Marathon.  While I like that the City of Oaks Marathon is in Raleigh (no hotel or travel!), I don't love the course because of the hills.  The Outer Banks Half is nearly all flat, with the exception of going over the bridge into Manteo.  I will be making my decision in the next week or so.  Either way, training must begin! 

Here's my proposed training schedule for the race - what do you think?  It pretty much follows the plan that Jeff Galloway produces for the Disney Marathons.  The first half marathon training program was based on Hal Higdon's novice plan.  I am just not sure which one I prefer.  We'll see...

I have been trying to keep my long run mileage (Saturday/Sunday) in the 5-7 mile range.  This weekend, I am supposed to do 6 miles, with 10 for the next two weeks (didn't insert August calendar)

It is a possibility that Monday and Tuesday training will be flip-flopped along the way.  I got used to running with Sarah on Monday and Thursday afternoon before the half.  Who knows...We may end up starting that back again.

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  1. It seems like a big jump in mileage to me to start at 10 based on what you are doing now. And I know there are different schools of thought on this, but I don't think there's a need for you to do a 14 miler in prep for a half. The main reason for doing a run the same distance or farther than the race you are training for is for psychological reasons...but you've already done a half so you know you can do it. I would focus more on really quality shorter long runs. I think my race is the same weekend. I'm planning on doing maybe an 11 miler a few weeks before, but that's it. But it's up to you. I would say, if you're already done a half...what's your goal for this one???