Friday, August 12, 2011

A fun little game - Thoughts versus Actuality

My cousin, Natalie, posted this on her blog after seeing it on a friends blog.  Looks like a little bit of fun to start off Friday!  I think it is cool to see how life actually changes...
So, why don't you fill it out too!  Comment with a link to your answers! 
Where I thought I’d be when I was 12:   I thought I would be the cool kid, hanging out with friends in my small town, and probably participating in sports. 
Actuality:  Chubby kid.  Not cool, but was friends with everyone.  Didn't really participate actively in sports, but was in band.
Where I thought I’d be when I was 16:  I thought I would be a great student at East Carteret, lots of friends, a wonderful boyfriend, and a great job.   
Actuality:  I was a pretty good student at ECHS, but didn't work to get great grades.  I had a lot of friends, but no boyfriend to speak of (I think a lot of that had to do with self-esteem issues).  I worked at a local seafood restaurant and met my first love (that didn't end up being my true love).
Where I thought I’d be when I was 21:  I thought I would be in my senior year of college, preparing to get a great job.  I thought I would be engaged to marry the man of my dreams and start a family.   
Actuality:   2001/21 was tough.  I was in my senior year at Meredith College, the job market in my field was pretty crappy, etc.  I did not have a boyfriend, much less a fiance.  I also was diagnosed with PCOS right before turning 21.  It was then that I found out that having kids would likely be very difficult.  I was dealing with lots of self-esteem issues (still).  It eventually turned around, but that was just a tough time.
Where I thought I’d be when I was 25:  I thought I would be married to a great guy, living in a beautiful home with one child.  I thought I would have worked my way up the "corporate ladder" and enjoy every aspect of my job.   
Actuality:   I wasn't married to a great guy, but I was engaged to one :-)  We were living in a wonderful, beautiful condo (still do!) and enjoying every day together.  We were discussing kids a lot and whether or not we really wanted children of our own.  We were planning the wedding of our dreams - classic and relatively simple.  I was working for a biotech company in RTP and not loving it.
Where I thought I’d be when I was 27:  Depends on when you asked...  I would have thought I would still be climbing the corporate ladder, getting involved in Junior League (or something similar). 
Actuality:   I was in the middle of changing jobs (again!).  I was the "new kid on the block" at my job, but loving every minute of it.  I realized that I am definitely not the Junior League type.
Where I thought Id be when I was 31:  Settled into a great routine with my husband.  Doing volunteer work to help others, since I won't be doing the PTA thing.  Traveling a lot.  Enjoying my life.  
Actuality:  (31 is only a few weeks away!!)  We are settled into a great routine.  It took us a while to figure it out, but we each have our roles in our relationship.  I recently started volunteering for Dress for Success and love it!  I love my life!

Where I think I’ll be when I’m 35:  I have no clue!  I want to still love my life!  I wouldn't mind moving up in my organization and taking on a little more responsibility.  I'd love to be able to be closer to the people I love more often, etc.  
Actuality: Only time will tell....  4 years to go.
Where I think I’ll be when I’m 40:   Happy, loved, and satisfied with all aspects of my life. 

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  1. I loved this! I'm 35 now and it really made me stop and think about my own life.