Saturday, August 27, 2011

The joys of waiting on a hurricane

Well, yesterday was another day of waiting for the affects of Hurricane Irene.  Last night, the hubs and I went out to dinner because we figured we might not get out of the house today.  With the way I feel right now, I don't want to go anywhere.  I have been concerned about my parents, but there is nothing I can do from here.  I just talked to my Daddy and they are without power, lost several trees in the backyard, but have survived pretty unscathed otherwise. 

I have no choice than to share the funniest part of our conversation though...  Let me set it up for you - my parents home has no power, but they have a generator.  They have the gas for the generator, but haven't gotten it out yet.  So, my Mama's cell phone is dead.  Instead of hooking up the cell phone (and other household appliances) to the generator, she is sitting in her car charging her cell phone.  Love it!  Love ya Mama!

My friend, BA, at The Heir To Blair, wrote a great blog post about "Being a North Carolinian".  I had no choice than to copy/paste it below.  Thanks BA!  (My editorial comments are in blue.)

How to deal with natural disasters & weather North Carolina style.

1)  Stay glued to your local weather on the 8′s.  DO NOT MOVE UNTIL YOU SEE THE LOCAL WEATHER ON THE 8′s, EVEN IF YOUR PASTA IS BOILING OVER ON THE STOVE, your biscuits are burnin' in the oven, & YOUR HOUSE IS BURNING DOWN.  Because a hurricane/blizzard/tornado be coming, y’all.

2)  Stick your head as far up your ass as possible until you’re kissing your teeth, then get behind the wheel of your car & head to the grocery store.

3)  BREAD & MILK ARE THE NECTAR OF LIFE.  oh, you waited until 9am to get to the store 3 days before the disaster?  You’re fucked.  No bread for you.  Go grab some eggs.  Why bread, milk, and eggs?  French toast y'all.  You never fixed french toast - you will during this natural disaster - just because that's how we do it. 

4)  If you are a lunatic conservative, freak the hell out on Facebook & Twitter, claiming that you knew New York would pay for their sins because HELLO, God sends an earthquake & then a hurricane?

5)  Barricade yourself in your home.
  • People of Group 1 see this as an generous reason to not clean their house & wallow in their filth for a few days without changing out of pajamas.
  • People of Group 2 scrub the house from top to bottom as a welcome present to the disaster, then serve a four-course dinner in pearls.  Gotta keep up appearances for guests, y’all.
  • Outcome #1 - Pat yourself on the back, safe inside your house hugging your bread & milk as two inches of rain or snow fall, knowing the city will probably stay shut down another 48 hours.
  • Outcome #2 - Hard core weather actually happens.  The power goes out, so the milk & eggs you purchased are totally effed.  You stocked up on Netflix instead of D batteries, so you pull out the aged whisky & hop in bed the moment it gets dark.  Hospitals rub their hands eagerly at the influx of Labor & Delivery income predicted nine months from now.

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  1. I hope that everything was ok and that you and everyone were safe!