Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Making peace

I have always had issues with my body, always.  When I was pushing 340 pounds, there was a reason to have issues.  My body was a harmful shell and it was killing me a little more each day.  I am working to to "make peace" with my body.  I have realized that while I may never be model thin, I am pretty dang happy with what I have... 

One example is my legs.  What can my legs do? 
  • They can can carry me through running a half marathon!; 
  • have a nearly noticeable line/muscle in the calf;
  • can press 200 pounds at the gym - strong!;
  • and much more.  I may not be proud daily of how my legs appear, but I am proud of what they do for me each day. 
I am no longer focusing on the negatives of my body.  I know that I will always be my own biggest critic, but I am going to accept what I have.  I am going to make the best of each part, no matter how critical I am of it - all while trying to improve myself.

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  1. Hi! I've been away for 3 weeks and am just catching up with your blog -- I love this post. It's important to remember all the positive things that our body can do ... it's so hard to forget and be hard on ourselves. Thanks for this post!