Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I suck at waiting

I suck at the waiting game...  I feel like I need to get my thoughts out there and then I will feel a little better.  A small warning - This blog post will be filled with limited medical mumbo-jumbo language and will probably be TMI for some.  It will be long.  It will not make much sense.  However, I hope that it will make me relax a little....
Several years ago, the hubs (aka, Jason or J) started complaining about acid reflux type symptoms after eating.  After trying various over-the-counter medications for several months, we made an appointment with our primary care doctor.  After reviewing the various symptoms, etc. the hubs started taking Zantac two times per day.  This seemed to help most of the issues, except the "gassy"/bloating feeling he often had.  The hubs added Phazyme to the mix and it helped some too. 
About 8 months ago, J went for his annual physical.  During the appointment with his doctor, J explained the annoying stomach issues that he was continuing to deal with.  Dr. Anderson upped his Zantac dosage.  He also suggested that it may be time for a referral to a gastroenterologist (GI).  The hubs wasn't too keen on going to another doctor, but told Dr. Anderson he would keep that in mind.
Well, the third week in July, Jason had finally had enough.  We went to J's primary care doctor on Thursday afternoon and discussed our options for different medication, getting a consultation with a GI doc, etc.  Dr. Anderson changed J's medication.  He also got him set up for a referral to Digestive Healthcare for a consultation.
On Friday, July 29, Jason and I went to meet with Dr. O'Loughlin at Digestive Healthcare.  We were immediately put at ease by Dr. O'Loughlin being honest and saying that there likely was some kind of issue with J's stomach, but it was also likely easily fixed with medication, diet modification, etc.  Dr. O'Loughlin put J on another different medication.  He got Jason set up for an abdominal ultrasound and an endoscopy
The abdominal ultrasound was on Tuesday, August 2.  After the ultrasound, we headed to Wilmington/Wrightsville Beach for the rest of the week.  We did the best with keeping our minds distracted from being concerned with the various stomach issues.  We were surprised to not receive a call from the doctor, but finally the nurse called on Tuesday of this week.  The nurse told the hubs that he had a kidney stone(s), gallstone(s), and a fatty liver.  The only advice she provided over the phone was for J to reduce his intake of fatty/greasy food. 
Not long after Jason spoke with the nurse, he called me.  He sounded upset and concerned.  He told me the results and what the nurse said.  Of course, at that moment, I was frustrated.  1) Jason and I don't eat fatty/greasy food; 2) The recommendation to reduce fatty/greasy food is too vague to be helpful; 3) If you are going to call on Tuesday and we have a follow-up on Thursday of the same week - what is the point?
So, the past two days (plus the last week or so) have been an awful waiting game.  I am glad that Jason has an appointment for an endoscopy tomorrow.  I am really hoping that Dr. O'Loughlin can give us some immediate guidance on how to eliminate some of the stomach issues that J is experiencing.  I just need some kind of "game plan".  I keep saying to myself -- Just tell me what is going on.  Tell me if I need to remove food ingredients A through F from our diet and I will.  I will then make the most delicious meals possible with food ingredients G through Z. 
Good thoughts for the hubs tomorrow!  He is very nervous about being "put under" for the endoscopy.  Also, good thoughts for me too.  I have a feeling that I am going to be stuck in the waiting room, trying to remain calm the entire time J is going through his procedure. 
If you made it this far, thank you.  I appreciate it. 


  1. all this sounds so familiar to me
    in 2009 I started having GI problems...I thought I was having a heart attack but it was heartburn and GERD. First the Dr told me I had a muscle injury and told me to take Advil, the worst for people with GI problems. In the end I could not eat anything. I was loosing a lot of weight it was scary. Finally a Dr ordered a HIDA scan after an ultrasound showed no stones. The HIDA scan is to see if the Gallblader still works correctly. Mine did not. I had to have it removed. If he has gallstone it is likely his will be removed as well. Most people return to regular diet after but not me. I am on a very strict diet ever since. I ended up loosing more than 70 lbs. It was very hard and frustrating. I have learned to accept that this diet is part of my life now. It is more than cutting the fat the way..! I had an endoscopy, it is really no big deal, no pain or anything. Good luck to you guys!

  2. I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help to you. Please keep me posted when you have more information. When you do, I would STRONGLY suggest an appointment with a RD. Doctors usually aren't the most helpful when it comes to diet modification. But we can give you the guidance you are asking for. Unfortunately, it's just too early to know exactly what kind of diet modification the hubs needs. But please remember that not everyone responds to diet treatments the same way AND remember that just because diet modification is part of the treatment does not mean it was part of the cause. You are taking the right steps. Just get more information and take it one step at a time. I'm always here to help with questions or if you need to vent. ;)