Sunday, October 16, 2011

Football Sunday

The hubs and I are hanging out at home today, as is our normal Sunday routine in the fall.  We usually have a nice brunch - waffles, eggs, and turkey sausage - then settle in for an afternoon and evening of football.  Anyone that knows me will tell you that I am not terribly interested in sports or competitive with anyone other than myself, but I have come to enjoy our "Football Sundays".

So, after our brunch, the hubs and I settle in to our respective spots to watch the games.  I get in our recliner with my legs covered up by a nice, soft blanket.  The laptop is normally in my lap, so that I can do work or piddle around on Facebook, Pinterest, etc.  After the first kickoff, I do my best to focus on what is on the computer screen versus what the hubs is yelling at on the TV screen.  It makes for an interesting day.  Occasionally, I look up at the game and ask a question (or six) about what is going on with the game.  No matter how many times Jason has explained what a "kick off return" is, I still ask.  The poor guy tries to explain things so much and I just don't pay enough attention.  I am more intrigued by other parts of the typical football game.

A few examples from this afternoon:

Rob Ryan:
See this guy?  A typical guy might see a Defensive Coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys that is a decent coach.  I, on the other hand, see a guy that looks like the Lion from The Wizard of Oz.  Does Jerry Jones, Cowboys owner, not see that this guy looks like a scrub on his sideline?  Does he not think that the guy could be a better coach if his hair wasn't floppin' all over the place. 

 Bill Belichick:
Jason sees "an arrogant as*hole" that is an very accomplished coach.  He's a bit of a jerk during press conferences, but otherwise he has earned his stripes.  What do I see?  I see a sloppy coach.  I see a guy that probably expects his players to "keep their nose clean" and maintain proper attire when in public, but here he is with a hoodie on with cut-off sleeves.  There's not necessarily anything terribly wrong with the shorter sleeves, but for goodness sakes ask Reebok to make you one with shorter sleeves instead of cutting them off like a third grader 15 minutes before the game.  


See these guys?  I have to say that I honestly enjoy watching them.  No, I don't really pay attention to all their football-ese, but I do love the bantering back and forth.  When Jason turns the TV on each Sunday, I always make sure he is going to put on "the guys I know, the one with the guy with the fun ties and Howie."  Jason continues to remind me that the "guy I like with the fun ties" is Mike Strahan that used to play for the Giants.  Of course, to me, he will always be the very dapper looking black guy with the awesome, colorful ties.  Even though Mike Strahan is my favorite, I still do love to hear Terry Bradshaw.  There's something about his kind smile.  Of course, smiles aren't really important in football, but he just looks like a nice 'ole guy.

Also, this Miller Lite commercial is my favorite right now.  For some reason, it just makes me laugh so hard that I nearly pee my pants!

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