Wednesday, October 19, 2011

So true

Each day, I receive a quote/"Daily Kick in the Butt" from Runners World via email.  This quote came on Monday morning:

The best part of a run? The birds chirping, the awesome air, and the fact that a lot of people are still sleeping. The worst? The first couple of steps. Just getting the creaks out.  -- Summer Sanders, Olympic gold medalist in swimming and TV commentator 

The more I have thought about this quote, the more I realize how true it really is...  A prime example was this past Saturday.  Debbie and I planned to run 11 miles at 7 a.m.  At first, I was looking forward to it...  Of course, by the time the alarm clock went off at 5:30 a.m., I was none too pleased.  When I arrived at Debbie's, I think her thoughts were similar.  We both agreed that running at 7 a.m. was probably best, considering that the half would probably start at 7 a.m. - a good test.

The run started off pretty dang good.  We have been running on a relatively new trail that runs right beside the Neuse River in north Raleigh.  On Saturday morning, it was just chilly enough for there to be a fog coming off the water.  We saw several deer near the beginning, etc.  It was awesome to just be surrounded by quiet and nature.  It definitely made a not so exciting/desirable run better :-)  

25 days till the OBX half!!!

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