Sunday, October 9, 2011

OMG - 35 days??!!?? and 10 miles

The OBX Half Marathon is in 35 days!  I am so very excited about marking this race off my "bucket list", but at the same time I am getting a little nervous.  I am not sure why I am so nervous.  I have done one half before - this should be easy peasy.  I guess that no matter how long I run, I will always be nervous before races, especially those that are longer distances. 

Debbie and I did a 10.3 mile training run on a new greenway trail off Falls of Neuse Road.  The greenway provided a nice change of scenery and very few inclines/hills.  As always, Debbie and I talked almost the whole time.  It's awesome to be able to chit-chat with someone during those long runs.  Makes the distance much tolerable.  

The run today was great - less than 3 miles to half marathon distance.  The splits were great again!

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  1. Maybe I saw you out there! I ran 10.5 on that same trail... (found you here via Sarah... :)) I love the new Upper Neuse! Good Luck on OBX!