Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thinking about being thankful - my best friend

As I continue to reflect on the things for which I am most thankful... 

My best friend, Margaret, comes to mind. While I am thankful for all my friends, there is just something about her that I can't imagine being without.

Margaret and I met sometime in 1982.  Her parents had moved to Beaufort and bought a home just in front of the neighborhood where I lived.  We both ended up at Miss Kay's "day care".  Margaret was about 6 months old and I was about 15 months old. Miss Kay kept lots of children, but from what I understand Margaret and I were pretty close from the beginning. This was the start of a lifelong friendship that I can describe as nothing short of amazing.

Margaret and I have been polar opposites from the start.  No matter our differences, we have had so many wonderful times together.  I could sit here and rehash every memory, but suffice to say it would likely embarrass us both.  Those are memories that I love to replay in my head - always followed by a long laughing session.

  • She is my confidant.
  • She is the person that I may cry to when I have no clue what I am crying about.
  • She is the person that an laugh right in my face and I won't get offended.
  • She has no problem telling me when I am being an absolute spaz and need some sense talked into me.

She has tolerated my being quite opinionated and never faulted me for it. In fact, we still giggle often about my pointing out that a birthday cake her mom made when she was really young wasn't that pretty... Oh what a little opinionated girl will say.

I am so glad that Margaret's parents chose to move to Beaufort all those years ago.  I am thankful that even though she lives in Florida, we talk several times a week and see each other a few times a year - never once skipping a single beat.

Can't wait to see her this weekend!

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