Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bedroom Makeover

For Christmas, we received an awesome gift from my mother-in-law...  A bedroom makeover...  Our bedroom was pretty "bachelor" and hadn't really changed much since Jason moved into the condo in July 2004.  I moved in just before we got married and the bedroom was never really a top priority.  We tend to spend most of our time in our "great room" and that's where we have made changes in the past few years.  

So...on Christmas morning, we got a neat little gift.  Emily, my mother-in-law, gave us a shoebox with little dollhouse furniture in it.  She explained that she wanted to help us purchase some new things for our bedroom, including a new headboard and dresser or chest of drawers. I was shocked, but very excited to "soften" our room a little bit.  

In January, I put our bookcase headboard and chest on CraigsList.  It was immediately snatched up by a mom purchasing furniture for her daughter's first apartment.  Several weeks later, we found a perfect headboard at Wayside Furniture.  We quickly got it installed and set out to find a dresser or chest of drawers.  We finally found a chest that we loved at Green Front Interiors.  The 6-drawer chest is from Artistica's Cape Collection.  We got the chest last weekend and I immediately filled it up!  (I had been living out of duffel bags since January!)

Without further ado...Here's some pics of our "old" and "new bedroom...

From little "hall" looking into bedroom
From door
Another from the little "hall"
Another view from the door

In progress...No headboard...  See that little box on the right side of
the bed?  Yeah, that's where some of my clothes were.
From little "hall"

From door, looking into room

Another from the door 
I love how everything has turned out so far!  Our room feels huge now!  The former bookcase headboard was about a foot deep - when we removed it, we gained a lot of space.

We will likely change the bedding at some point in the future, but I am not really sure what we'll do...  We have the gold-y upholstered headboard, with the sisal rug trimmed in black.  I love the black and gold, but feel like the duvet cover needs to change.  Any ideas?

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