Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Can't a girl get a break?

Well, after yesterday's falling incident, I figured I was done for a while...Not so...

See the sharp corner of the bookcase?
Yeah, that's where I hit my dang head.
I got to work a few minutes before 8 this morning.  Every single morning, I follow the same little routine. 

  • Put my things down on my desk or on the floor beside my desk.
  • Turn my computer on.
  • Go fill up my water bottle and get a piping hot cup of coffee.
  • Get back to office and put gym bag on floor between lateral file and small table (see it in the middle right of the picture, beside the door?)
Well, all was well until I went to put my gym bag on the floor...  I was standing up from being partially bent over.  I must have come up really hard or at a different angle than normal, because I smacked the hell out of my left temple on the corner of the shelving unit.  

I immediately sat down in my chair because I thought for certain that I was going to be sick and I was seeing serious stars.  I sat there a few minutes, just trying to get my bearings and figure out how big of a lump I was gonna have on my head.  I put my palm over the lump on my temple and when I removed my hand, it was covered in blood.  Lovely.  

As nonchalantly as possible, I went to the bathroom and got some damp paper towels.  I applied pressure for 10 minutes - it didn't stop bleeding.  I applied more pressure for a while longer and it slowed.  The HR Manager for my organization came by while I was holding the cloth to my head and was curious as to what was going on.  He insisted that I fill out an incident form, etc.  I kept telling him that I was fine and that I simply got my "bell rung".  He left a few minutes later and the bleeding finally stopped after about 25 minutes.  

Not long thereafter, our HR Generalist came by my office.  She sat down and said "...You have to go get checked out...  Please do not argue with me...  Don't make me toss you in my car and drive you there myself..."  Of course, anyone that works in a relatively large organization knows what that means...  I had to go to urgent care.  Good Lord, I love our HR staff, but she knew I didn't want to go to urgent care.  I was embarrassed that I had hit my head and the last thing I wanted to do was document my being an idiot.   Luckily, I was able to convince her that I could drive myself to urgent care.  I knew for certain that if I was gonna have to deal with urgent care, I was gonna drive myself.  I left the office a few minutes later.  

Going to urgent care normally means sitting in a waiting room for a long time and getting no resolution.  Not so today...  When I got to the urgent care, there was only one care in the lot (thank God!).  I quickly completed the required paperwork and was called into the back.  The PA didn't keep me waiting long.  We talked about what happened, my headache, and he did some "tests" to make sure that I didn't have indications of a concussion.  I passed the "tests" with flying colors!  He told me that my head bled a long time because heads, fingers, and toes bleed the most with any trauma - interesting...  The PA said that I would likely have a headache for several days and a good size lump.  He told me that I only needed to follow-up with a physician if I started getting sick on my stomach or acting different than normal.  I was in-and-out in 25 minutes.  

So, back to work I went...  I didn't do a ton today because my head just ached.  After work, I tried to go to Arrichion Hot Yoga.  I was in the room for the entire session, but it wasn't the most effective practice of hot yoga.  After dinner tonight, I am planning to stretch out in bed with an icepack on my poor little head.  

Let's hope I am over my being injury prone...

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  1. Oh man...that's a bummer, but glad you're okay. I know that embarrassing feeling of having to fill out an incident report at work. When I worked in the hotel, I slipped in the hallway and fell down a flight of stairs. Oops. Get some rest!