Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Just call me "grace"

I am truly a klutz....

Many runners will tell you that one of the biggest fears associated with running is tripping or falling in the middle of their run.  I am no different...  We all picture ourselves falling, spraining an ankle (or worse) and being sidelined from the fitness activity we love.  

Yesterday, I was on my little mid-day run near my office and almost "ate it".  The most annoying part of me was that there was absolutely nothing on the sidewalk to hinder me.  Of course, I could blame the near-miss on the grumpy, old man in the white Ford Ranger that honked the horn and yelled at me.  After that little incident, my run was just "off".  It wasn't long thereafter that I almost fell.  All afternoon, I worried about the "what ifs" of the situation... Pointless I know, but I kept thinking that if I had fallen, I wouldn't be able to run my half this weekend.  No bueno.

Today, Audrey and I set out on our mid-day run.  When we got to the spot I almost fell yesterday, I told her about what happened with the man yelling out the window, almost falling, etc.  Audrey reminded me of a spill she took several weeks before and showed me the remaining bumps and scrapes.  We both went on-and-on about near misses and the stress it causes, etc.  It was glad to commiserate with someone else that has the same silly, slightly irrational fears!

Well, fast forward about 10 minutes... A coworker let me into our offices because I didn't have my badge.  I started walking down the hall and totally face planted.  I am not talking a slight trip and catching myself before I fell...  I fell all the way down, a la baseball player sliding into home plate with the game-winning run.  Except, there was no game to be won here...  It felt like the entire world was watching me, when in all actuality not one single person saw me (thank God!).  I got my fat ass butt up as quickly as I could and rushed around the corner to hide in my office.   

Right now my head hurts a little and I have pretty dang bad rug burn.  I don't want to get up from my desk because I am scared I will fall again, but I am hungry and my lunch is calling my name from the refrigerator in the back of the office.

If I had to fall, I am glad it happened inside.  However, I can't wait for my little hands to stop burning and my heart to stop racing!  

So, just call me "grace".
My poor little red palm (30 minutes after the fall!)

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