Monday, April 30, 2012

New Recipes 24 and 25 - Spinach Pie and Dirty Brown Rice with Shrimp

Wow.  Somehow last week got away from me!  Not sure how that happened, but oh well...

On Monday evening, we continued with the Meatless Monday "tradition".  I found a recipe for Spinach Pie on the Trader Joe's website and decided to give it a whirl.  It looked pretty yummy on their website, but I have to say that I wasn't terribly impressed...  Others would probably disagree, but there was just something about the texture that didn't work for me.  

We made a few slight modifications to the recipe, including:  added carrots and mushrooms, reduced the amount of cottage cheese slightly, and used a top pie crust.  I hadn't planned to use a top pie crust, but there was entirely too much filling and that was the only way I could think to hold it all in!  I am not sure why we didn't love it, but we just didn't.  We'll definitely be looking for something similar to have in the future, but I think this just had too much of a "mush" taste/feeling.  (Don't let this keep you from trying the recipe though!  It just wasn't our "style".)

On Thursday evening, we had a healthier version of one of my favorites!  I love dirty rice, red beans and rice, and jambalaya.  I am not sure if it is the "one pot" aspect or the Cajun-flavors.  I found a recipe for Dirty Brown Rice with Shrimp on Skinny Taste.  I was excited to try it as soon as I saw it!

We made a few slight modifications, including:  used more onion and bell pepper than the recipe called for, 1 pound of ground beef (Trader Joe's 96/4; too lazy to split it up and freeze extra), omitted the scallions (Ooops!  This wasn't on purpose).  To make things a little easier, I cooked the brown rice on Thursday morning before work.  I put it in the fridge and reheated it in the microwave with a little water when I was ready to use it.    I always try to do as much prep ahead of time as possible, and this definitely made things easier.  This was so delicious!  We had a lot leftover and I am looking forward to having it again soon!  Try it!

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