Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Race Recap - Raleigh Rocks Half Marathon

I am not gonna sugar coat this...I was a little very disappointed by the Raleigh Rocks Half Marathon.  I am going to just lay it out immediately, then get on to the fun pictures:

  • Slightly disorganized packet pick-up on Thursday
  • Lack of enough bathrooms pre-race
  • Slightly delayed start (I can deal with that)
  • WATER!  There was supposed to be water at mile 6 and water/Gatorade at miles 8 and 10.  Unfortunately, when we passed by mile 6, the volunteers had already cleaned up all the water.  There was nothing when we got to mile 8.  Just before mile 10, there was a water table only.  Luckily, I was prepared with water and Gatorade, but my running buddy was planning to depend on the course.  I was able to share with her and we made it though.
  • The timing was off!  Their results show that I started about 2 minutes after my running buddies - not true.  It also shows that I finished about 3 minutes after they did - again not true.  Glad that I started RunKeeper on my phone - according to the app, I finished in 2:50:49/13:00 pace.
I enjoyed being able to run the race with some of my NCRC Women's Beginner Running Program buddies.  It was Pam and Michelle's first half marathon - Mary and I decided to use the race as a training run and to be supportive of our friends!

Outfit that I planned to wear...The morning of, I ditched the
SparkleSkirt because I wasn't feeling it.

Before the race - Pam, Mary, and me

Happy girls with their race bling! (from left: Pam, me, Mary, and Michelle)

Post race dinner - Chicken Nachos and
ChooChoo ChocolateStout at Top of the Hill



  1. Stinks it was so disorganized. You guys should definitely give them that feedback so they know for the future! (somehow, I imagine you've already done that... :-) )

  2. Girl I'm so proud of your performance on that half! you were speedy and did not look like you were hurting at all! Thanks for sharing some of your valuable H2O with me! I know better now for next weekend!