Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Traditions

I read lots of blogs...  Some are healthy living blogs, some are mostly recipes, and others I read just because.  Anyway, there's an awesome little Christmas questionnaire going around and I thought I would join in on the fun!

1. Eggnog or Hot Chocolate?  Hot chocolate.  I have only had eggnog once and it just wasn't my kinda thing.
2. Does Santa wrap presents or leave them under the tree?  When I was young, I remember that Santa always left my presents unwrapped under the tree and/or on the couch.  Santa wraps gifts now :-)
3. Colored lights on tree/house or white?  The hubs and I have white and colored lights on our tree.  The tree is pre-lit with white lights and we added a couple strands of "old fashioned" colored lights for some "spunk".
4. Do you hang mistletoe?  We have a "kissing ball" (mistletoe) between our entrance area and great room.
5. When do you hang your decorations up?  We decorate the Sunday evening before Thanksgiving.  Since the hubs uses a wheelchair and I am not Super Woman, we invite the in-laws over and make an evening of it.  My father-in-law gets the tree from our storage room and puts it up, my mother-in-law and hubs do most of the decorating, and I provide the alcohol and a yummy dinner.  It is perfect :-)
6. What is your favorite holiday dish (besides dessert)?  Hmmm...  I would have to say ham.
7. Favorite Holiday memory as a child?  I have so many great Christmas memories, but one general one is about all the visits.  Most of my family lives in one county and the Christmas holidays involved visiting everyone.  Yes, we did a lot of riding in the car from one end of the county to the other, but I loved it!  If I had to name a specific memory, it would have to be the year I got a new bicycle. I had been given a hand-me-down bike and I just "couldn't" ride it.  I tried and tried, and just could not do it.  On Christmas day it snowed, and Santa happened to bring me a new bike.  Needless to say, the incentive of a new bike (versus a hand-me-down) had me out in the snow pedaling away.
8. What is on your Christmas wish list?  Nothing terribly exciting - lounging clothes, gift cards, LL Bean duffle bag, new earbuds, etc.
9. Do you open any gifts on Christmas Eve?   When I was in high school, my parents and I started opening our gifts on Christmas Eve.  I am not sure how we started that, but I always appreciated the little bit of extra sleep on Christmas morning.  Now, the hubs and I do not open gifts on Christmas Eve.  Everything waits until the next day.
10. How do you decorate your Christmas Tree?  I don't know how to describe our tree.  It is colorful - think bright pinks, reds, greens, blues, etc.  There are also lots of ornaments from various trips.  It may be a little of a "mish mash" but I love it!
11. Snow.  Love it or dread it?   HATE, hate, hate it!  It is pretty for about 15 minutes and then I am done!  I do not like driving in it.  I don't like being trapped in the house because of it, etc.  
12. Real tree of fake tree?   Fake!  It is a lot easier to decorate and ends up being a lot prettier than a real tree.  
13. Do you remember your favorite gift?  I have no clue...  I do have one gift that I will never ever forget.  I was about 5 years old and inch worms were all the rage.  I guess I had begged and begged for one.  I remember opening my inch worm that my PawPaw Brown gave me.  Oh, memories...
14.  What is the most important thing about Christmas for you?  The opportunity to spend time with family, relive memories, etc.
15. What is your favorite holiday dessert?  It isn't really a holiday dessert, but it will always be my favorite - Granny Brown's chocolate cake!!
16. What is your favorite tradition?  I wouldn't call this a tradition, but I do love going to look at Christmas lights.  I remember riding around and looking at lights with my parents as a child.  I am hoping that the hubs and I will go to see the "Meadow Lights" this year or at least out to Lake Myra.
17. What tops your tree?  I don't know what they are called...  There are sticks with balls, and glitter, etc. sticking out of the top.  It is really classy and whimsical at the same time.
18. Do you prefer giving or receiving?  I love to give gifts!  My favorite part is to watch someone open something that I picked out for them and see their look when they open it (and hopefully love it!)
19. What is your favorite Christmas song?  I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day
20. Candy Canes, yuck or yum?  I might eat one or two each holiday season, but they aren't my fav.
21. Favorite Christmas Movie?  Oh geez....  It is a tie between A Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase. 
22. What do you leave for Santa?  Nada... Isn't he supposed to leave presents for me? 
23. Do you have a Christmas morning tradition?  The hubs and I are over at my in-laws for Christmas morning.  We start the morning with Bloody Mary's and a late breakfast. After breakfast, we start opening packages and keep enjoying Bloody Mary's.  It usually takes until early afternoon because we just take our time and enjoy it.
24. Do you prefer to shop online or at the mall?  It really depends on what I am looking for.  I do not mind shopping at the mall, but if I know I can get it a lot cheaper and/or without a ton of hassle online I am not opposed to ordering it.
25. Christmas letter, or Christmas card?  Unfortunately, neither.  The hubs and I do not have kids and we aren't terribly interesting... So, no cards or letters from us.

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