Friday, December 30, 2011

Keurig Customer Service

I am going to be totally honest here...  I don't normally hand out compliments for customer service because I feel that is the person's job - to provide customer service.  However, sometimes a company goes above and beyond to get a problem resolved for their customer and this was my experience on Wednesday with Keurig.

Here's the back story.  In late 2009, I purchased a Keurig OfficePro B145 brewer from Capital Coffee Systems.  I had been looking at brewers for a while, but was always left with the question of whether or not the water would brew the coffee hot enough (I like my coffee hot!).  I mentioned this to our work coffee salesperson and he recommended the OfficePro.  It is a commercial brewer, would brewer hotter and faster than a home brewer, etc.  At that point, I became the proud owner of my Keurig machine!  

The brewer has been an important member of our family for two years.  The hubs knows that I have difficulty functioning without my morning cup (or three) of coffee.  So, imagine my surprise when the brewer started "short cupping" me occasionally last week.  This has happened in the past, but was easily solved by cleaning out the little "exit needle".  Unfortunately, this wasn't the case this week.  I think I wasted five or six K-cups trying to figure out what was going on, etc.  On Wednesday morning, it finally went kaput and would not brew at all!  This girl immediately called customer service (after going through all the troubleshooting) at 7 a.m., as soon as they opened.  I nicely warned the customer service person that I was barely functioning without my coffee and she assured me that I wasn't the only person that has issued a similar warning.  I talked to a very nice representative that morning and the department that I needed wasn't available for several more hours.  She arranged for a call back later that day.

Fast forward to later in the afternoon...  I decided to call Keurig back.  I talked to the first representative and she did all she could to help me.  Unfortunately, since I have a commercial brewer, she wasn't able to help much.  She ended up transferring me to her supervisor to see if she could help me.  The supervisor was in the same predicament.  However, she offered to keep me on hold until she was able to reach the corporate technical care area.  

After holding for about 30 minutes, I was finally connected with someone in technical care.  (I know that most folks wouldn't remain on hold that long, but I was willing to hold to get my brewer working.  Like I said, I need my coffee!).  When my call was answered, I explained the issues I had been having off and on for several weeks.  I reviewed my cleaning/descaling procedure, etc.  In the end, she walked me through a very simple reset process.  She also recommended that I descale the brewer more often (I had been doing it once a quarter/four times a year).  

I don't know if there are proper words to describe how excited I was to see my brewer make the first cup of coffee!  I was so happy that despite being on hold a while, Keurig was able to resolve my issues and make me a smiling gal again!  The technical care representative even gave me an e-coupon for a free box of K-cups from their website.  

So, long story short - Keurig customer service is awesome!!!  They were very helpful and patient with me.  I generally do not like to call customer service because I want to be able to fix things myself - without help.  However, their attentiveness made the call pleasant.

Thank you Keurig!!

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  1. Good customer service is quite rare these days.
    I am glad they were able to help your coffee brewer (and you) function again. :)