Sunday, February 5, 2012

First week of GOTR!

First things first, my co-coaches and I have our work cut out for us!  Our 15 girls are very spunky and excited to say the very least.  It is awesome to see them go about life with such spunk, but sometimes it makes it hard to talk to them.

Tuesday afternoon was the start of the spring season of Girls on the Run (GOTR)!  The second session was on Thursday.  Each session begins with a "Getting on Board" and warm up.  This part allows us to get the girls ready for the day.  The workouts are great.  They are activities that cause the girls to move, but they don't even realize they are working out/running.  After the workout, we do a nice cool down and discuss our final thoughts on the day's activities.  

The first two sessions were awesome!  The girls have done well with participating in the talking-type activities.  I love that the Girls on the Run curriculum is designed so that the girls don't really even know they are working out/running!  It seems to make it a lot easier.

Several of our girls have done GOTR before.  They were very excited to teach us a closing cheer that they learned from a previous coach.  (What is it with girls and cheers?  Love it!) Here's my sad attempt at remembering it:

Girls on the Run is so much fun
Girls on the Run is tight like a bun
The rain is drizzilin', our feet our sizzilin'
But we aren't fizzilin'
So, peace out
(That's all I can remember.  I may have gotten something wrong though, but that's the jist of it.  So cute!)

If you have volunteered with GOTR, what were some of your cheers, etc.?


  1. This sounds wonderful!! I hope to meet some running partners soon so I don't have to do long runs alone (once I get there)!

  2. I think you got the cheer right. For some reason I actually had it stuck in my head in the shower today! ;)

    Can't wait to see what awaits us today!