Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sweaty workout

When I work out, I sweat.  No matter what I do, or how cold it is – whether it’s running, walking, or even thinking about working out.  The odd thing is that even though I am able to sweat at the drop of a hat, I am always cold.  Anyway, I digress.  
A few weeks ago, a running buddy mentioned wanting to find a good yoga studio.  I have seen Facebook posts and tweets about Arrichion, off Glenwood Avenue.  When I saw they were running a $20 for 20 consecutive days of yoga, I couldn't pass up the deal!  Even better... If you purchase online, you get it for $18.  I was sold.
I was scared as hell ridiculously nervous  about trying something new.  I have taken yoga before, but it was Gentle Yoga at the Y.  Hot yoga is a totally different animal.  
Last Wednesday, I went for the first time.  I have since been to two other classes and I am quickly falling in love with hot yoga.  But, just to add a little fun to this, my initial thoughts were:
  • I look at the door to enter the yoga room and I start to sweat.  Totally nervous for no reason.
  • I walk into the dark room and see my buddy in shavasana.  Immediately feel some relief and get settled beside her.
  • Uh... I knew it was hot, but this is really hot.
  • OMG...  Downward dog, chair...
  • Holy crap, it’s hot.
  • I am glad they suggested bringing a towel to cover the mat, but they neglected to say that it should cover the entire mat.  Nothing like slipping on a wet yoga mat.
  • Sweat.In.My.Eyeball.  This crap burns!  What the heck!?
  • I think I am going to pass out... child pose.  No, I am not going to pass out, I am just a big baby.  
  • I don't think I have ever sweat so much in my life.
  • Yoga teacher turns off the heat and opens the door - immediate relief.  I could kiss her face.
  • Ok... Time to get my bearings and get off the floor without slipping.
  • Yes!  Feels so good!  Get me a gallon of water please.

  • Needless to say, I thought I was going to die during practice, but I loved it.  I feel so great when I am done, especially after I drink a ton of water.  I am really hoping that it is going to help with my running and flexibility.  Even if it doesn't, it is an enjoyable workout that I will continue well into the future.

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    1. New to your blog, and love it! I too am "Yoga challenged" but afterwards I always feel great!