Saturday, February 4, 2012

New Recipes 10 and 11 - Dijon Pork Cutlets and Quinoa with Spinach

On Thursday evening, the hubs and I had the opportunity to try two new recipes.  We had Dijon Pork Cutlets and Quinoa with Spinach.  Both recipes are from Weight Watchers, so I can't put links in.  I am sure you could find something similar with the ingredients that I used and will list below. 

The Dijon Pork Cutlets were really simple.  There were only 6 ingredients - pork cutlets, dijon mustard, sugar (I used Splenda), apple cider vinegar, crushed red pepper flakes, and water.

The Quinoa with Spinach was also simple.  This recipe contained - a little oil, onion, garlic, quinoa, chicken broth, pepper, crushed red pepper, salt, and spinach.

There isn't too much to tell about either recipe.  They were both very easy to prepare, but tasted like a million bucks!  The hubs especially enjoyed the Quinoa with Spinach - that boy could eat spinach every meal and be as happy as a lark!

The hubs review - "It was a very flavorful meal.  Both items were delicious and could be served to guests."  I love how I ask him to tell me after the fact what he thinks.  This is what I get.  I should start recording his initial assessments when we eat.  His descriptions of foods are so graphic and detailed.  Oh well...

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  1. Oh I love using Dijon in my recipes! This looks delicous!